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  1. Phil1882 is right ... there is a discrepancy. The 6th term may possibly be 532 901 * 532 901 + 1 = 283 982 410 001.
  2. You've got all of them correct! Kindly tell all Braindenners how you managed that. My explanation to follow after that (if necessary).
  3. @mtngoat @SamSam11
  4. @mtngoat ... @flamebirde @Brainden
  5. Flamebirde ... there's an additional score (7/10) by Jim56 to consider!
  6. Intentially done so. Player VI could not make up his mind with two positions and duplicated one of the letters! The solution indeed has 10 different letters. Jim56, your score is 7/10.
  7. I once participated in a test where the answers had to be chosen from the first 10 letters of the alphabet (A-J). Not bothered too much about the solution, I merely answered by matching the letters with numbers 1 to 10 in strict alphabetical order. I managed a score of only 2/10! I showed the result to a friend of mine who bettered the score to 5/10 with his attempt. The same test was passed on to five more people, each who was entitled to view all previous results. All of them scored 7/10, meaning that no one was spot on. (1) What is the probability that the next person will get 10/10 on his first try? (2) If you were to submit a solution as contestant № VIII, which letters would you enter to ensure that you obtain full marks? Here’s the score sheet for attempts I to VII:
  8. Not a bad attempt at all!
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