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  1. rocdocmac

    Area of an infinitely shaded region

    Let's try again ...
  2. rocdocmac

    Area of an infinitely shaded region

    Please ignore my answers above - wrong, since there are two cuts in between!
  3. rocdocmac

    Crypto-Anagram #2

    You got it! Crypto Rodent whittling professionally (not really "professionally" as the result seen in the picture!) Rolling Stones ... (Don't) Play With Fire (added the "don't" to make a meaningful anagram!)
  4. rocdocmac

    Crypto-Anagram #2

    Here is another cryptogram: XTWUMG YPNGGBNMC DXTAUFFNTMVBBO Solve it, then unscramble the letters in the resulting sentence (it is now an anagram) to reveal the name of a rock group and the title of one of their songs (six words altogether).
  5. rocdocmac


    Answer (Thalia got halfway there) ...
  6. rocdocmac

    Cutting pizza

    Thanks Dejmar for clearing!
  7. rocdocmac

    Cutting pizza

    Vertical (in any direction) = straight down. Horizontal as in figure, e.g. a cake. Two vertical cuts give 4 pieces, then the 3rd cut (horizontal ) divides those 4 pieces into two each for a total of 8. Horizontal cuts are therefore excluded.
  8. rocdocmac

    Ranks and Files : Dominoes

  9. rocdocmac

    Ranks and Files : Dominoes

  10. rocdocmac

    Ranks and Files : Dominoes

    Possible solution ...
  11. rocdocmac

    Ranks and Files : Dominoes

    I now understand! Forget my previous stupid questions!
  12. rocdocmac

    Ranks and Files : Dominoes

    What I'm trying to say is that, if the layout was made by using 2 complete domino sets, there should be two 0-0's and two 6-6's. In the figure there is only one 0-0 and one 6-6. So I guess that the given layout makes use of one 6-6 and one 0-0 only, but adding duplicate dominoes from a third set, e.g. a third 5-5.
  13. rocdocmac

    Cutting pizza

    All cuts should be vertical and in any direction ... I only emphasized that no horizontal cut is allowed, e.g. one could possibly divide a cake with three cuts to yield 8 pieces ... 2 vertical cuts and 1 horizontal cut! (1) 125251 pieces after 500 cuts (correct) (2) 3162 cuts gives 500704 pieces (also correct) (3) Never mind the 3rd answer since I reckon that it must be infinity, although 199999 cuts as a first approximation comes very, very close! However, there will always be a remainder of either 1 or a pretty large number. Therefore, 2 remains the minimum and maximum pieces-to-cuts ratio. I cannot, though, prove this mathematically (yet)! I wasn't aware of an entry at "Mathworld"! So, my question should actually have been a straight-forward quickie!