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  1. Insert the the five missing signs!
  2. ... and the first? ?, 121, 144, 202, 244, ?
  3. What's the next number in this sequence? 121, 144, 202, 244, ?
  4. I've changed the amounts won by the winners to make it a bit easier (in a way). The original one proved to be too tough! Humble apologies to those who have spent their valuable time by working on the previous OP. The revised OP now reads as follows: In a recent Lotto draw, Jeremiah won $790, Philemon $1650, and Ridgeley $464. How much did Waltraud and Xhuliana win in the same draw?
  5. Suppose there is an international football (soccer) team consisting of 20 players and selected as follows from five countries: Two players from Spain Three from Italy Four from France Five from Brazil Six from Germany The squad only includes one goalkeeper, who plays for an Italian club, whereas the captain plays for a French club. Assuming the goalkeeper and the captain are included in every selection of eleven players, how many different teams could be selected from the twenty players (irrespective of position) if at least three German club players are included in each selection?
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