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  1. Use the twelve pieces on the left to create a chess board, The pieces may be flipped!
  2. Have another go!
  3. Hopefully this one has not appeared before... Suppose 27 identical cubical chunks of cheese are piled together to form a cubical stack, as illustrated below. What is the maximum number of these cheese chunks through which a mouse of negligible size could munch before exiting the stack, assuming that the mouse always travels along the grid of 27 straight lines that pass through the centers of the chunks parallel or perpendicular to their sides, always makes a 90 degree turn at the center of each chunk it enters, and never enters any chunk more than once?
  4. Shot! From A to B, yes ... 14, e.g. A or B (see attached Chess Knight.xlsx) From A to anywhere but B, you'll get one more, e.g. C
  5. Maximum, not minimum ... more than 12 moves from A to B, inclusive!
  6. Well done all of you! The correct answer is indeed 166 667 166 667 000 000
  7. [Not 9]
  8. Has this one appeared before?
  9. Has this one appeared before?
  10. Answer: ((Bottom Right/Bottom Left)+Top Right)*Top Left, i.e. for 4th diagram ... (6/2 + 3)*5 = 30