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  1. Well, I seem to have done some weird math when adding equilateral. New result including equilateral: I think rocdocmac and I agree on the figure including equilateral now but we seem to have diverged on the other figure...
  2. Excluding equilateral triangles
  3. Well when you put it like that...
  4. I'm curious. All I got is the second one looks like the square root of 2.
  5. You figured it "ou"? Lol. Just caught on to Captain Ed's hint. Was wondering why that wording was nagging at me... If you didn't get it, I was going to recommend listening to the song Message in a Bottle. That ending aught to do it.
  6. Seems pretty obscure. Gave up and found it using Google. But on the other hand,
  7. I was counting whole sausages as "pieces". So it was the sum.
  8. So 1 cut then. Is a whole sausage considered a piece or just the partial ones? If whole sausages count, I stand by my original pieces count. If not, I think rocdocmac has it.
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