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  1. This seems like a trick somehow but I'm going to go with...
  2. Unless the sender said something, it might just be random letters to make the ornament shape.
  3. Ooh. Another language. Never would have gotten that. Nice puzzle.
  4. Generic meaning... on a house? Cards?
  5. I'm not quite sure what you are saying. A domino consists of 2 squares. So while there are 56 squares, there's only 28 dominoes. So for example, A2 and A3 together are a single domino. TSLF- Do you want them arranged in an 8x7 grid like the picture? That would mean some rows and columns would contain more than one of a number. Is that correct?
  6. "5) The Chilean, who is not next door but one to the Belgian" I had the opposite understanding If the Chilean were pitch 5, the Belgian could not be pitches 4 or 6 because those would be next door. The Belgian could be 3 or 7 if that was meant to read one to the right/left of the Belgian.
  7. I think the inclusion of the word "who" indicates it applies to the American. Can't be sure without clarification though.
  8. lol. I figured the weights were pretty close. But I made the mistake of asking Google. What are the odds of those riddles being posted at the same time? Thanks for the indirect hint fb.
  9. You have Marie as finding 16. Clue 6 says 16 were found by a man. I assume Marie is a woman. Only time the clues seem to specify man or woman... This appears to be unsolvable with that constraint though...
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