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  1. @flamebirde because Molly was playing off of the word easy, which is a popular Commodores song. No other reason
  2. D1 I caught a claim from Molly as the shopowner - block. I followed with a COP claim. N1 I was blocked, I thought by Molly. I said he must have not got my message though I got his. He said he did if it was Easy, but not like Sunday Morning...this is from a Commodores song, led by Lionel Ritchie. I said it was on the Lionel Ritchie tip, saying it was easy, if he thought he got it he did. I told some of you that it was possible one of Molly and I were being played...I was When he said he didn't act N2 after acting N1 I threw out a test of his claim, but I allowed him to snake away too easily. When he said he didn't act I asked if he was Indy. I had actually target spied him thinking I may catch the Indy, but wanted him to think I follow spied him. He said he didn't. I should have pressed him here. Or at least cut off our line of communication.
  3. @bonanova as Molly said we like to banter a bit... But I was looking for confirmation that he was good (the block) which is really not true. I just believed it. Because I really wanted to. His claim was too obvious and if he caught mine, blocking me made no sense. In the end, the heart icons got in the way (though I don't actually recall it going that far, lol)
  4. @bonanova That was a legit dream I had that I woke up in a panic from, lol. I should have listened to it @bonanova That was a legit dream I had that I woke up in a panic from, lol. I should have listened to it
  5. I took Molly's claim as shop owner and thought he blocked me when I used my ODTG. In retrospect, given the structure of the game that was too obvious of a hint. Without looking at context, Lionel Ritchie + Sunday Mornings = Easy (or Commodores) And for those interested there are a couple of games in sign-ups on Mafia maniac. We are hoping to get more players on BD but it seems we have the same group... Which is cool.
  6. Can someone tell @Molly Mae that I am not talking to "her" Also, tell "her" that I don't see how an NWA hint would have worked. My hint was a lot more direct... Can I be the one to own you Molly? Or be owned by you? Please
  7. Ive got nothing on Panther. Others have been saying he's good.
  8. If it means anything, I had a dream Miki was good and bonanova was bad, and lamented the fact that we couldn't do anything about it...
  9. @bonanova if you have a handle on Molly and I, why are you voting me? You must think we are both non-goodie... Which we aren't. @bonanova if you have a handle on Molly and I, why are you voting me? You must think we are both non-goodie... Which we aren't. Nice dp... Miki says I'm playing a ballsy game. Says she's OK being lynched. Those don't seem like words from someone on my team. We can get bonanova tomorrow I guess. I vote Miki
  10. I wonder why the Indy didn't trap themselves?
  11. Weird. So you're claiming Indy?
  12. @Molly Mae Did you act last night?
  13. I didn't choose red, lol. You were first to post the roster. I placed my vote in red, as is the norm so it could be noted by the host. You made YOUR name red. Could be nothing, could be everything. Your reaction though...
  14. Well it's not me. Was hoping the Indy tried to trap Molly... Roster: 1. maurice - vote bonanova 2. Flamebirde 3. Molly Mae 5. MiKi 7. bonanova - vote maurice Removed the dearly departed. I guess Panther could have been Indy. I did suspect flame at one point, but I'm thinking Miki is the other non-goodie. I wonder if there's something to the colors bonanova chose. "well I think mo is Indy so I'll paint him green. Me I'm bad, so I'll paint me red" Also bonanova saying we should go green makes me think he's red.
  15. Well... Should we try for Indy or baddie? I have nothing, but I'll say I have 3 options and feel good voting for either of them as only 1 can be good. Unless I'm that gullible. May regret changing my action.. vote bonanova By the way, no Indy trap and I wasn't blocked.
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