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    CHECK it's certainly appropriate that dawh beat me to it as it was his word that cinched it.
  2. Am Counting On One Of These Not To Qualify
  3. plainglazed


    CHOSE - must start with CH if CHOKE has 2 and BROKE has 0? EDIT: deleted previous edit. been a long day...
  4. Yes, that's it. Woot Woot! Thanks DD. Your turn. Do appreciate it and enjoy this thread. Would love any and all opinions as to the appropriateness of difficulty.
  5. plainglazed

    yes, have been here all along as with all of your riddles, harvey. just having some trouble tho equally likely, could be way off track.
  6. plainglazed

    Hey Phoenix - been enjoying pondering this stumper for some time. Thanks for your patience.
  7. Hey all/anyone. Been watching this one regularly and see it's still being viewed at least. Am feeling pretty rotten that I may have killed this thread. Really dont think the rule is too outlandish. It's not as difficult as DD's last analysis. Would be fine with revealing the rule if anyone wants to start a new one. Or .
  8. plainglazed

    hey magician - just dawned on me as I reread your OP that I may have been going about this all wrong. Had been assuming you meant N columns which has me stymied. Do you mean three columns x N rows? Realize that typical nomenclature is rows x columns but also common is M rows and N columns.
  9. Yes indeed, PVRoot! And to Molly Mae, also. Well done. Was fun from this end. Be back soon.
  10. edit: for last guess hey harvey45 and PVRoot - very clever guesses you two. all fit on quite a few fronts. still think you'll accept my answer in the end. ps - when I said that bit above in response to t_l's last response what I meant was her answer might not be too far off. well, now am sure I said too much.
  11. may the coming year bring the very best in health and happiness. keep it up. chin chin

  12. can't resist saying this even though it's bound to throw some off but - maybe not too far off...
  13. Some really good thoughts in all the above but none it.
  14. Yeah, as soon as I saw DD's guess, was pretty sure he got it. One of those moments. Had a lot of fun with this one t_l. Nice one!. And nice solve DD. EDIT: and here's wishing you a fabulously special day. Salut!
  15. Only because of the saying. Hey there filly678 - Certainly see where that response came from. Think it makes some sense even beyond the saying. Just not what I have in mind (for the answer to the riddle, anyway). Thanks for kicking this one off.
  16. You know they don't grow on trees Yet do indeed come from these Wooden they're not, tho naturally still Stay around, for your sake they will But watch out, take care, don't lose sight Of the truth, 'tis a stretch, Best not to take flight.
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