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  1. tiger_lily111

    One Up Me

    "I like the Silence. You've probably never seen them." That's without a doubt my favorite Whovian meme phrase yet.
  2. Hardly the 1st time, certainly not the last.
  3. Welcome to the Den! Don't make promises about not killing until you decide you're not a mafioso/a. I only slay people with my "humor". But I digress ... Many things to take part in, be sure to give them all a try - Philosophize in the Others section, hone your logic skills & set others to the task in the New Logic/math forum, amaze & thwart us with word puzzles in New Riddles, have some fun (& possibly kill some people) in Games, & laugh (or groan) at a few Jokes. Lots of folks whose first language isn't English, so despite my grammar nazi tendencies you are graciously awarded a free pass on the occasional mis-spell etc. Enjoy! Hope to "see" you around!
  4. tiger_lily111

    One Up Me

    When Brainden came back online, I read & followed the directions. And whaddaya know, it worked!
  5. Was anyone else reading this to the tune of "Fresh Prince of Bel Air"?
  6. tiger_lily111

    One Up Me

    Looks like the flaming bird is up next.
  7. tiger_lily111

    One Up Me

    When I checked my tires, there was no air in my spare - time I did something about that ... Oops, too late, DH ran over something. New tires it is. (This happened 2 weeks ago.)
  8. tiger_lily111

    One Up Me

    Fine, I'll call it. - MiKi's up next.
  9. Hi Brainiac & welcome to the Den! If these younglings haven't scared you off yet, you should do just fine here. If they did scare you off, come back anyway, they're really quite harmless (except in mafia - they will virtually shank you) & there are other games & mind games to play. *quickly pulls flamebird in front of her to shield against MiKi's taser* (Sorry flamebird, you'll be gone anyway.) Hope you enjoy - lots of interesting characters around here, whether you like gaming, logic problems, debates, riddles, etc.
  10. I don't know if that's a real thing either ... So I'm looking for something different.
  11. Tasty one, TL... Sorry amigos, none of those.
  12. Pay the price And you become What you eat As you proceed
  13. I heart farmer's market season!

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