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  1. Mine vary (except in quality - they don't get above mediocre). For this one, all 6 follow a related theme - keywords & a little word-play to get the intended answers. Oh, & if you discover the theme, it should be pretty easy.
  2. A little thematic riddling to ease your mid-week doldrums. 1. Pardon me, please. I'm roasted. 2. Floury, waxy, squished till I've popped. 3. You could say I'm amazing, Colonel. 4. Shove it. (ahem) 5. Put me in a boat & I'll paint the whole thing. 6. Jack & spice & a nerdy number make me a little tart.
  3. Yep, not surprised it was the Dude. I expect we share a common interest in the little things of life. Ah, minute physics ... I learn more about actual physics from youtube than I ever did in a class. (Kinda sad.) This is my favorite so far though.
  4. Hope you've had a most enjoyable birthday! =)

  5. tiger_lily111

    One Up Me

    It appears flamebirde is up next.
  6. tiger_lily111

    One Up Me

    Mayhap some could find ... an exception to every rule ...
  7. You boys better hope I don't develop a complex ...
  8. (I was thinking of peptide codons for twisted words & 2' protein structure & the subunits dissociating at the end of an assembly for the last stanza.) Ah well, will think on it some over the weekend. (after margaritas tonight)
  9. tiger_lily111

    One Up Me

    Today, on the Maury Povich show: Guy: My girl's pregnant, but she says I'm not the father. I've never been with anyone else. Scientist: Correlation isn't causation. Guy: That's what she said.
  10. tiger_lily111

    It's fall, my favorite time of year - and I live in NorCal where the visual evidence of fall (mainly the tree leaves' color change) lasts maybe 2 weeks. I was halfway to work today before I noticed that the visual change was finally happening around here - a 30 min drive past quite a few different types of trees. Normally I look at the scenery, see what's being harvested, what's in bloom, where an idiot threw a lit cigarette into the median & caused a fire, etc., but today I was preoccupied with work before I even got there. Fall is short around here. No more work-think on the drive while it's light out & there's stuff to see.
  11. Quote for now: Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again? -- Winnie the Pooh

  12. Off to Jamaica-mon for a week & a bit. The kitchen will wait, the beach & booze will not. :D

    1. plainglazed


      Blouse an skirt, mi so badmind. Hol it down, sistren. - Guidence

    2. tiger_lily111


      Yes, a good time was had by all. ;)

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