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  1. Congrats on your first solve then! & thanks
  2. You are correct! & Welcome to the Den! Edit for: #9 remains - It could also read "Crotchety Old Fogies" rather than "Crotchety Old Biddies".
  3. "Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing what is right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend." -- Stephen King

  4. tiger_lily111

    One Up Me

    Nevermore? (Sorry, I had to or the voices were going to be angry with me.)
  5. You've got #10, but that's a no-go on 9.
  6. tiger_lily111

    One Up Me

    Life is a stagecoach - uncomfortable, annoying, and ultimately irrelevant. But it'll get you there.
  7. Correct for the 1st, but still off on the 2nd. (That one may require a thesauraus - I had to use one to find a more difficult synonym.) Edit for: That leaves 8, 9, & 10 remaining.
  8. Glad you're wanting to add to the Den Finix, but please remember to run a search for riddles that aren't your own - this one has been posted many times before. That said, hope you continue riddling with us. & Unicorn, the spoiler tags require brackets - [ ] (& correct spelling, oops!) to work correctly. You can also use the button in the reply frame - it's the blue box with an S in it. Just type in a title and your answer & click ok & it will do the coding for you.
  9. And you get the grouping, but don't get the bird. (Technically this is the kinder response.)
  10. Wrong grouping, but I'll give you the bird.
  11. Yes indeed-y! Gosh, I feel so smart! I actually feel like I may have something right! Well MiKi, since you are quite smart, it's not surprising that you have 1 right ... the 1st one. Have to try again on #9.
  12. tiger_lily111

    *sigh* Very true ...
  13. Yes indeed! No to all those. Really fun one, TL. Well done Thanks. And yes, you've got this one.
  14. 1. Fervor of Revels 2. Contest of Majestic Movements 3. Collection of Exhibitionists 4. Pitch of Trumpets 5. Council of Fools 6. Assassination of Boasts 7. Clamor of Echoes 8. Disdain of Winnings 9. Front of Crotchety Old Biddies 10.Loads of Oddballs
  15. Solved & thanks for playing
  16. 1. Pardon me, please. I'm roasted. 2. Floury, waxy, squished till I've popped. 3. You could say I'm amazing, Colonel. 4. Shove it. (ahem) 5. Put me in a boat & I'll paint the whole thing. 6. Jack & spice & a nerdy number make me a little tart.
  17. Got it with the last one there! Welcome to the Den ... hmm, should I call you LSP, spacey, princess ... (You've given us too many possibilities here.) Anyhow, welcome & enjoy! You do, indeed, have the rest of the meal there. Excuses & credits will have to wait till morning-ish (PST), till then night y'all.
  18. Sacred, no. Just not one of my favorite vegetables, but if you mistreat them I WILL tell you that you murdered them and now they're useless.
  19. If that's what you do to that vegetable, (& I mean this in the nicest possible way) you should be shot. You have to play nicely, treat them like delicate flowers, otherwise you end up with gross mush. And yes, it is. (It's my riddle, so there's no use arguing.)
  20. How have you been TL? You may be on the right track there, but neither of those is right. (& been doing pretty good mostly, how about you?) No the 1st, & in the neighborhood for 6.
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