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  1. On an unrelated note...why did someone vote this as only 2 stars?? I think this was a really good puzzle and it was fun to solve...
  2. nice work! Please elaborate on your answer.
  3. There may be better, but I was at least able to get each number 1-15 using the number of (infinite) lines as I said originally...That's kind of neat, considering the square constructions had to be completely different than what I doing using line segments...but still got the same numbers...
  4. I don't think it works. Line is infinite, whereas you used line segments. In my thinking above lines create 8 square. I agree though, Pickett's answer appears to give 8 squares. Ahh, didn't realize the OP meant infinite lines, not line segments...that definitely makes the puzzle more fun/interesting
  5. Just a little bump because I'm curious if anyone else has looked at this one and if my solutions above are indeed optimal or not...
  6. Nice. Curious about your algorithm. Mine ran forever with n=100, (and came up empty.) I tried direct solutions also, restricting the first to be square and the second to be 1xm. Came up empty again.
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