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  1. Pickett

    Aww...bobpi beat me by about 5 seconds...nicely done
  2. Pickett

    Now, maybe I can get some work done...Great puzzle...very difficult...
  3. Pickett

    Don't know if it's what you were thinking, but anagrams...you simply take a word and alphabetize the letters, then look it up in this dictionary and find all the other words with the same alphabetized list. and voila you have all of the anagrams for a given word.
  4. Pickett

    So, there is actually a notation that isn't as well known with Roman Numerals. The Romans would typically write out all of the M's that were needed to do higher order numbers, however, when following the rules that were stated above, and when getting to VERY high numbers they actually had a notation that they used. 1000=M 2000=MM 3000=MMM Now, you actually put a bar over the numbers, to represent multiplication by 1,000: 4000 is actually written as: __ IV So, then 5000: _ V 5150: _ VCL And 100,000: _ C and 1,000,000: _ M And to go higher than that,
  5. Pickett

    You asked me to do it: Sorry for anyone that has spent a lot of time on trying to solve this manually...but this only took about 3 minutes to write the code for and get the answer :c) Probably not the most efficient code in the world, but I went with the quick and dirty method...here's the code (Java) in case you are wondering:
  6. Pickett

    oh boy...this thread will be locked very shortly, I assume...classic Honestants/Swindlecants problem that has been posted on this site more than any other riddle...it's a great one, but been done before...
  7. Pickett

    Excellent riddle...I really enjoy these that you write. Very well done.
  8. Pickett

    You didn't cross the center middle line. I believe, as it has been stated multiple times, that this is not possible without maybe some trickery or something that is hidden in the OP...
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