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    Well, he mentioned that there were still unanswered questions..and that figuring them out would be key. So, while I agree the capital letters are probably important, I think figuring out the questions is a good idea... Those are some of the questions that I think may help in solving this...
  2. Pickett

    So, is this anagram completely jumbled? or is each word its own anagram? I would guess that it's completely jumbled. If that's the case, are the word lengths at least correct?
  3. Pickett

    So, my dad told me this little problem quite a few years ago (when I was 8 or so...took me years to figure out how to solve it). It has always stuck with me because of that...so it's just a straightforward math problem, but it's a fun one: There is an alley. In this alley there is a 20ft ladder and a 30ft ladder. These ladders cross over the alley from the ground to the opposite building. They cross each other 10ft above the ground. How wide is the alley? Here's a simple drawing to represent this problem:
  4. Pickett

    oops, sorry for the double post...browser messed up when submitting didn't think it posted.
  5. Pickett

    Well, since I solved your number sequence #4, the second sequence was pretty simple for me:
  6. Pickett

    Well, finding the next number is really dependent on your rounding. it's almost easier just to give the formula used for the sequence:
  7. Pickett

    That only leaves one more: NUNS
  8. Pickett

    I've seen all of these "proofs" being added recently for 2 = 0, 1 < 0, etc, etc...so I figured I'd add my two proofs for 2 = 1, and proof that magic exists... I apologize if these have already been posted...I haven't seen them yet though, so I thought I would put them up. These aren't difficult, and I fully expect them to be solved very quickly, but they're fun. This first one is the golden oldie (I learned this one quite a few years ago and still like it): let a = b a2 = ab (multiply both sides by a) a2 - b2 = ab - b2(subtract b2 from both sides) (a + b)(a - b) = b(a - b) (factor)
  9. Pickett

    I figured this one out last night actually... Good sequence riddle. I liked it. I'm amazed I actually figured it out...
  10. This is my first post on Brainden!!
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