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    Alright, so it has been a while since I've posted on BD...and it's been even longer since I came up with a word puzzle...so I thought I would try another one. Through rings I can be seen And by my rings I am known Through thousands of years My legend has grown My death is historic In more ways than one I fell in controversy And now my time is done But my name will live on For being a hero to man If you're old enough to see me Next year is when you can Who am I?
  2. What about: 40 W in a P 4 L on a D 5 F on a G 6 S on a D
  3. Pickett

    Some of my favorites: Monopoly (mono = one, poly = more than one) Everyone Pianoforte (musical term literally meaning soft-loud) Sophomore (sopho = wise, more = foolish) Mythological Seashore Nevermore Butthead :c)
  4. Pickett

    I said that,"that 'that' that that man wrote should have been underlined."
  5. Pickett

    This is not a correct answer. Very good try.
  6. Pickett

    First off, sorry if this has been posted. I haven't seen it on here, and searching for this one was difficult (since "MI" and "MU" are both under 3 letters, and the search doesn't like that...). So again, I apologize if this is a duplicate. Can you use only the following 4 rules to convert MI to MU? 1) xI --> xIU 2) Mx --> Mxx 3) xIIIy --> xUy 4) xUUy --> xy Please note: "x" and "y" are placeholders for any string of characters. For example, MUUI would match rule 1 (x=MUU), rule 2 (x=UUI), or rule 4 (x=M, y=I) Also note: the unidirectional nature of the rules...meani
  7. Pickett

    Still seems like you mis-typed the last number or two...because that still shows it decrementing. Is it supposed to be: 56163, 56518? or 52163, 52518? Also, I just wanted to verify that it increments by 355 after that? not 311?
  8. Pickett

    Not quite...the distance along the X-Axis would be the circumference of the wheel...because that's how far point "A" travelled along the X-Axis...the question is asking the distance in the x-y plane, which is not quite the same thing...
  9. Pickett

    I would agree, except for the part of the OP that says "...and then have a wonerful night together..." Because that implies that they both had a wonderful night together...and I'm going to go out on a limb and say that if she actually did those things to him, he did NOT have a wonderful night (unless he's a serious masochist and somehow survived all of the above) :c) But I agree that it's a great answer.
  10. Pickett

    I took the OP to mean if b is rs, then the original equation was x2 - ax + rs = 0 ...but he wrote it down as x2 + ax - sr = 0 (flipped the digits in b as well as the + and - sign)...
  11. Pickett

    So, you may be interested in noting that the OP stated that the digits are between 1 and 9...not 0 and 9...so, hopefully that will help you narrow down your possible answers a bit :c)
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