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    Yeah, I mean, if you view that image like one of those stereogram (aka Magic Eye) images, I can get it to look slightly 3-dimensional, which is actually pretty cool...but not sure if that's what we're supposed to do with this one....
  2. I say just have her look into a spoon (or concave mirror in general) and tell her, "There, it flips up and down as well!" and call it a day...
  3. A) Yeah, that may have been a better way to find out the Barbapapa link than I did...but either way, I think it definitely is just a reference to these characters B) I couldn't find anything else on the site either (now, granted, I looked at it in French and Google's translated versions, and I am not completely fluent in French, so I could have missed something) C) I think the "official resources" is a reference to use the OFFICIAL site for Barbapapa...which is what lead me to rearrange the grid in the way that I did. D) Agreed...
  4. Pickett

    Love this one...reminds me a lot of the one I saw to "introduce" HTML5 experiments: http://www.thewildernessdowntown.com/ or any HTML5 experiments (best viewed with Chrome): http://www.chromeexperiments.com/
  5. That's about all I can probably help out today, as I have to get back to work :c\ But hopefully that will be enough for someone to solve this one! :c)
  6. It might be helpful to note that the if the letters along the top represent words, they are most likely are French words, not English, since the original post was written in French...just thought I'd throw that out there...
  7. Pickett

    I will be curious to see what physicists say about the speed of light in a vacuum (and relativity in general) now that they have (tentatively) found particles traveling faster than the speed of light (just google "neutrino") :c)
  8. Pickett

    Nice one plasmid...even the title fits that answer! If that's not it, I have no idea what it could be...and I like your answer in poetic form as well...nice touch.
  9. Pickett

    This makes me so sad...I'm actually listening to him right now :c) DT is the best band, and yes, it does look just like him!!
  10. Pickett

    Alright, so there are actually TWO solutions to this puzzle...both satisfying the original words (this might be why this one took me much longer than the last one to solve...) Good puzzle though!!!
  11. Pickett

    I did it by hand. Took about 20 minutes or so...lots of fun. I am a computer nerd programmer, so I had thought about writing a program to do it and I probably still will (just as an extra "challenge" to it)...but I prefer doing these by hand to begin with. So yeah, if you want to create more, I'd love to work on them...can't guarantee I'll have time...all depends on how slow work is at the time...
  12. Pickett

    Wow...that was quick! Good job!
  13. Pickett

    Good answer...closer for multiple reasons, but still not correct...
  14. Pickett

    Nice try, both of you...interested in hearing how you both got the same answer...however it is not correct.
  15. Pickett

    Nope to both, however, your second guess is correct for my FIRST WAI:
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