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  1. Umm...what? I mean, if there is a repeatable pattern that you follow in order to solve a problem, which in the case of the OP there is, then you can write a computer program to solve it (that's what programs are...repeatable steps) From my understanding of the OP (and forgive me, because I may have missed something in the intermediate posts), the way this sort works is basically you grab a DVD, you KNOW what position it should be in, and you insert it there. So for example: Define this as a single "move": Look at a DVD...does it belong at the beginning of the list of DVDs? If not,
  2. If any of you would like to play around with the little app I created for this (hats off to Anza Power for giving me the idea to use HTML5 for visualizing this), here it is: TestCanvasDraw.html Viewing the source (if you're at all a developer) should show you how to create your own shapes and try it out.
  3. Alright, I'm done now...this was just fun to do!
  4. I figured this would be solved while I was away over the weekend
  5. Unfortunately I am probably done working on this until Monday (by which time I imagine it will be solved)...This has been really fun so far, though! Good luck, all!
  6. This is a fantastic puzzle...
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