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  1. Hmm...trying to figure out where I've gone wrong...
  2. Ah, I missed a few of the diagonals (I accounted for the center square but not all):
  3. I'd say nothing...as being "HUNG" from a gallows pole implies there is no intent to kill... If they were actually trying to kill the criminal he would be "HANGED" from the gallows pole. This has been a lesson from your friendly neighborhood grammar nazi...
  4. Pickett


    The name of the game is "Nim" for what it's worth...
  5. Pickett


    The attachment you included is broken...so I don't know if my assumption on the description of the problem is correct, but assuming I read it correctly...the answer is:
  6. not much of a brain teaser...just giving you their email address...
  7. Smart-aleck answer: But seriously...I think we're starting to get into Map projections here...
  8. Finally... While I have certainly enjoyed these, any reason they're in the math puzzles section, not the words puzzles section?
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