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  1. He's not flooring x+1...he's flooring (x+1) / 2...just FYI...
  2. Agreed...my dad used to frustrate me as a kid playing this game...because he would always end up winning. I finally figured out the strategy after a little while, except I didn't know anything about logical operators or anything like that...I just learned states that would work and ones that didn't. Finally, in high school, I revisited the game and figured out the logical/mathematical strategy to win. It is a great game to play with people that don't know the strategy, though :c)
  3. Good initial thoughts!
  4. That's just mean to anyone who does want to actually color this... :c)
  5. Pickett

    I should point out that IL is actually not a "correct" roman numeral. 49 is actually represented as XLIX...you can't subtract a number more than two "digits" different than the next "digit"...take a look at this link for details: http://romannumerals.mobi/ So, I don't think that's a valid answer to the question...
  6. Pickett

    If it's emphasis, there is only one "0" in that number above...so it could be emphasizing that specific 0...which is the 14th digit...nots ure if that helps at all...
  7. I'll take that as I got it right I liked this riddle...but yeah, there were a couple of lines that gave it away for me...I actually don't know how all of them relate, just a couple:
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