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  1. Looks correct answer ........!!!
  2. It looks impossible unless it is a tricky question. Or there has to be some outside aid like markings on the Jars....? Or it has to do something by tilting of jars to certain angle so that a specific amount of water comes out.....?
  3. I think discussion so far might have not satisfied many learned friends. May be my explanation would clarify some doubts. OP says that the couple has two kids, so obviously one will be younger and other elder. Say couple sends elder kid to attend a function. Now what is the probability of this kid being a girl, if one kid is definitely a girl...? I think you got it it now....! Say younger is a girl, then there are two possibilities: elder may be a boy or a girl. As bonanova stated correctly, OP does not specifies which kid is a girl. so younger kid could be a boy, so the third possibility is that elder could be a girl; here fourth possibility of elder being a boy, when younger is a boy, is ruled out because OP says that one kid is definitely a girl. Now out of above three possibilities, there is only one possibility of both kids being girls. So the answer is 1/3.
  4. It seems that sometimes we take a puzzle lightly, as we think it has easy answer. Though this perticular puzzle looks like a math problem, but if we do not go for the depth of the question then we donot find the right answer. Important thing to notice is that the time interval between the snaps is from the 'Begining' The right answer is: There are more simpler ways to solve it.....
  5. Still needs more to think... you are very near...!
  6. OP clearly indicates ---- "Three of the seven buttons work correctly; two take one to a floor with a number twice that of the floor to which they should; and two take on to a floor with a number half that of the floor to which they should." Where is the confusion? normdeplume's answer is correct & excelently explained by someids.
  7. I came across a very good puzzle. I have reproduced the same as it was worded….! Let's play a little game. Please snap your fingers. Then, 1 minute later please snap your fingers again. And so it goes on. Each time you double the time between the snaps, so you snap your fingers again after 2 minutes (from the beginning). Then snap your fingers after 4 minutes (from the beginning). Then snap your fingers after 8 minutes (from the beginning). How many snaps will you make in a year? So the game starts …..Now….
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