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  1. Ronald writes a letter each on fifteen tags and hands seven each to two girls. Each girl re-arranges the seven tags such as to frame a valid word of seven characters. Ronald takes the word proposed by first girl and places the fifteenth tag at the end of it and voilĂ  a legit word of eight. Same does happen when he places the fifteenth tag at the beginning of the second girl's word. And much to their wonder, when Ronald places this letter between the two words, the word of fifteen letters, thus formed, is equally valid in english language. One of the characters that second girl has, is a 'G'. For you to determine, is the final word of fifteen.
  2. Edit....spelling For the sake of solution of puzzle, lets assume first person wins 131 points, second 130 and so on ... last person gets 0 points, all seperated by one point.
  3. LoL How do you think all the 113 people can have same score and still have different ranks. Won't they all be having first rank if they had same score?
  4. First assumption holds good for scoring.
  5. you can take the scoring to be exactly like that in Olympics and I dont see any way one could win if he finishes 114th in all events. bonanova is close.
  6. There is a decathlon event in national games where 131 people are participating. One athlete manages to gain 114th position in every individual event. The puzzle is to find out the highest place he can finish in overall decathlon event?
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