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  1. I haven't been here for a while, but I remembered to check the answer to your "I am one" riddle and it's awesome, it reminded me of some of the stuff that I've written, but yours was better :)

  2. andromeda

    Pepsi of course! Tastes better
  3. Hey precious! :)

    Dammit! I've stayed logged in for couple of days... :D

  4. Hm... the answer could be I love the riddle, it's very poetic
  5. andromeda

    I e-mailed him too telling the right answer and he responded back asking what do I think about the rest of his site... Well I've never checked the rest of it soooo, he never got my feedback
  6. Haha... one time my friend and I were just randomly pressing keys fishing for dirty stuff! We have found some hilarious sentences...
  7. is glad that she didn't hurt JarZe's feelings after all :D

  8. Happy Birthday sweetie... yet again :P

  9. andromeda

    Pshhh... all I get from guys is, and I quote "Do you wanna have ***?" and my answer is "I'd rather have a tapeworm inside me than your *****!"
  10. andromeda

    Well if you can't see what's inside the spoiler by clicking on the spoiler button in the post you can always click on the reply button to see what's written there. After you read it you just click on the click to go back arrow.
  11. I have a job now so it's hard for me to be as involved in a game as I was before, besides I don't have the time. Sorry...

  12. andromeda

    You just couldn't resist...
  13. andromeda

    I wanna be in it too, but I'm GMT +1 so we would have to do it when it's afternoon in America.
  14. andromeda

    When I read the title with 'hair' in it I thought it's gonna be about a rabbit... you can imagine my disappointment EDIT: I just realized that rabbits are spelled 'hare' and not 'hair' even though they are pronounced the same... It's time to go to sleep
  15. I figured out what the punch line is half way through the joke Good one!
  16. andromeda

    I probably changed to 'male' when rookie was upgrading the Forum
  17. WOW! More than 20.000 members!!!
  18. andromeda

    The dog totally looks like Oz!!
  19. andromeda

    I'm hoping you'll choose my words cause I won't change a thing EDIT: Crap! I've just noticed that my gender is male?? I don't remember becoming a boy?!
  20. andromeda

    The dog is beautiful and it seems to me like his right eye is green?! Dunno about names, I think it's all a matter of the moment and your interaction with the dog, what pops your mind when you are petting him and playing with him
  21. My message:

    Could you approve my two comments in the Gallery?

    Thank you :)

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