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  1. Izzy added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    I'm Back :)
    Hey guys! I've missed this place. I was heartbroken when the forums got destroyed, but I'm glad to see it's survived. What I miss?
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  2. Izzy added a topic in Homework Help   

    Optimal Rotational Axis For Spheres?
    Related to my previous thread.

    Imagine two points on the surface of a sphere, and you want to move Point A to Point B. Due to the nature of the problem, a single rotation suffices, as long as the new location of Point A is where Point B previously was. That is, the final orientation of the sphere is irrelevant, as long as that condition is met.

    How do I find the rotation axis in order to use Rodrigues' Rotation Formula?
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  3. Izzy added a post in a topic Find Theta   

    Wow, I can't believe I overlooked that. Thanks guys.
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  4. Izzy added an answer to a question Hershey bar   

  5. Izzy added a post in a topic Find Theta   

    Since I don't actually know x, this response has been the most useful. Thanks Prof. Can you explain it, though?
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  6. Izzy added a topic in Homework Help   

    Find Theta
    Well, this isn't really homework. What I'm actually trying to do is find h, and I have a way to do that if I know theta. So, I'd appreciate help with finding theta, but if you can do h, that works too.

    (This is actually a really simplified version of the problem. In reality, the circle is a sphere, and h is the distance of a line that intersects perpendicularly with the center of a small circle within the sphere, whose center lines up with a point on the surface of the sphere. Didn't know how to draw that, so help me find h or theta pl0x?)

    All I've managed to establish is that the angle to the left of theta will be 135, regardless of h.

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  7. Izzy added a question in New Logic/Math Puzzles   

    The freezing point of an aqueous barium nitrate solution is -2.65 °C. Determine the apparent molal concentration of barium nitrate. (Kf of water = -1.86 °C/molal)

    My approach:
    ∆T = i*Kf*m
    m = ∆T/(i*Kf)
    m = ?
    i = 3
    Kf = -1.86 °C/molal (right? Why am I using the Kf of water instead of barium nitrate?)
    ∆T = ...
    My problem lies with determining the change in temperature. Halp?

    *edit* Pfft, never mind. >_> 2.65.
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  8. Izzy added an answer to a question   

    It's a team strategy.

    Our members are all so cool that we have to look unexcited so we won't be picked off as a threat.

    Cover blown. Oops.
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  9. Izzy added an answer to a question   

    Confirmed, I guess.
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  10. Izzy added an answer to a question   

    Hah, I lol at UtF and I continually agreeing on things for completely different reasons.
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  11. Izzy added an answer to a question   

    Eugh. I was explaining why Rick Scott was a terrible governor to GM last night. This was one of my (many) reasons.

    He thinks he owes it to the tax payers to make sure their money isn't funding drug habits, but doesn't realize that he's wasting more of their money, because he has to reimburse every negative test.

    ... Idiot.

    He sold Soltantic, though, to implement this law, so maybe healthcare will improve.

    (I share a state with UtF?)
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  12. Izzy added an answer to a question   

    Soz, I get trolly during the summers.
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  13. Izzy added an answer to a question   

    Um, Jesus didn't die, bro. God isn't dead. He pretended to die for us, I'll take that, but don't you dare say my GOD is dead.

    (Punk isn't dead, either.)
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  14. Izzy added an answer to a question   

    Eh, I would think that only three kinds of people would approve of the drug war. Drug dealers, understandably, who enjoy profiting from the distribution of illicit substances. Dumb people, who are pretentiously self-righteous in their ways and want a clean country, as God undoubtedly intended. And, of course, the politicians who want into office and play the card from the former category.

    Hopefully, this site doesn't attract any of those types.

    Lol at your stream of smilies. "Realization! Am I sure? Yes, and that's shocking, Izzy! Wait.. Kidding. I WUB dwugs. Hahahaha (high). Sad come down. So, avoid it, redosing, entering the state.

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  15. Izzy added an answer to a question   


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