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  1. Hm... I know it's not really an answer...
  2. Nice thinking, but no. It's not a living thing, it's an inanimate object!
  3. hahahahahah OK, look around when you get home
  4. Interesting answer but no. Look around
  5. Yeah! I never thought of that. A face card fits the profile to. But no, that's not the correct answer. The point is that you can see and touch it's ears, on this object. Look around
  6. It's not an animal. But nice try. If I give you a hint it would be too easy.
  7. I have no idea what that is, but no.
  8. It's not a living object, but a pregnant woman does fit the profile. The creator of this puzzle had something else on his mind! Welcome
  9. No it's not an animal, but it has something to do with a certain animal! Two animals would be too obvious.
  10. I have four ears and two belies. What am I? This is my first one
  11. andromeda

    I found the same thing but with coffee! And you are absolutely right, why would you put sugar in the tea/coffee if there was a fly in it... however, maybe that was her cunning plan, to make sure she won't be getting the same one!!!
  12. andromeda

    HAHAHAHAHA Nooooo! I was just guessing
  13. andromeda

    I don't know So...
  14. andromeda

    Since I love to eat my Let me know if my guess is any good!
  15. andromeda

    So if I write here...
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