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  1. I would very much like to play mafia again.. in fact I am dying to play .. but when you r working 14 hrs. a day and lead a bachelor's life.. it's not that easy.. :sad: Hopefully I can get access to MM in office.. But that doesn't look very promising..

  2. hey...When r u coming back on to MM...??? :D

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a gr8 day and a wonderful year ahead!!! :D

  4. grey cells

    Advance Wars Mafia

    Thanks GJ! You really had no choice on Night 5, but I was hoping that you wouldn't block me. That's why I cooked up a story on framm's secret ability, so that you would not block me. Sorry about that. And filly it sure feels weird to win after thinking you are going to die before the game has begun.
  5. grey cells

    Advance Wars Mafia

    Thanks for the game again, filly! Yeah, The secret wincon was the only thing I could gamble on after my role was outed. I thought things could only get worse from here, so I decided to gamble and I guess it paid off. I must also admit that I was lucky on many occasions, starting from Eagle trapping me(that provided me some breathing space, otherwise you guys would have lynched me on day 1. It was also the basis for my duplicate wincon, faking Sami as one of my targets.), OT's kill on me failing due to snow and finally getting vote redirect abilities on days 4 and 5. The most difficult decision was when to change alliances from goodies to baddies, had to maintain the balance to ensure I got nearer my wincon. That's why I withheld Glyc's role on day 2, so that a goodie could be lynched. I got lucky again with yuiop(eagle) getting lynched by a coin toss. Thanks for the fun guys! And sorry for the lies. Of course, and the reason for everything was Izzy, if she had not spied on me Night 1, things could have been a whole lot different.
  6. grey cells

    Advance Wars Mafia

    Thanks OT and BTW Kanbei was my biggest headache. Most of the time I was trying to figure out who Kanbei was and plotting different schemes to get rid of you. I think I gave filly a headache pestering him with questions on Kanbei.
  7. grey cells

    Advance Wars Mafia

    filly, when does the day end? The suspense is killing me, who's gonna die?
  8. grey cells

    Advance Wars Mafia

    Well played MK! Hope to see you in the next game.
  9. grey cells

    Advance Wars Mafia

    Hey! This was just a game, but it was fun all the way through. Thanks filly! And I hope nobody took offense at my backstabbing, this is Mafia after all. Lies and betrayal are part and parcel of Mafia and this is what makes these games so interesting. Unpredictability. And don't take any of my comments personally, one of the first and foremost rules in Mafia.
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