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  1. andromeda

    Andromeda also suggests "The Graveyard Book" by Neil Gaiman
  2. andromeda

    I'm surprised that no one mentioned "The Tales of Alvin Maker" by Orson Scot Card, the same guy that wrote Ender?! Six books in the series, one forthcoming. I only read the first one "Seventh Son", I'm waiting for the rest of them to be translated to Serbian.
  3. I haven't told you that I love you in ages... so here it is - I LOVE YOU! :)

  4. andromeda

    Not if you live on Tralfamadore!
  5. andromeda

    26 was quite challenging I've lost count of how many times I've restarted that level. I'm at 28th at the moment
  6. andromeda

    I love the dice game! I got stuck at 21, but I've conquered the sucker I'm done for today
  7. So many epic quotes there... MY FAVORITE:

    "When a Tralfamadorian sees a corpse, all he thinks is that the dead person is in a bad condition in that particular moment, but that the same person is just fine in plenty of other moments. Now, when I myself hear that somebody is dead, I simply shrug and say what the Tralfamadorians say about dead people, which is 'So it goes'." :D

  8. Awesome... So it goes! :D

  9. *Hugs and kisses*

  10. andromeda

    Hahahahahahaha... Same guy SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!
  11. andromeda

    Wow... I'm impressed by the dew in the early morning on petals of flowers and you can't be impressed by the fact that we are made from stardust?? No wonder you're discontent and seek for higher power. This part is from the same guy, different video (the video is titled "Spank Your Monkey") "Most people can’t see, most simply don’t know enough of the truth, the facts, that they are energy made solid, consciousness informed from a harmony of natural forces, we might posses the only eloquent eyes that will ever exist, we might be the Universe’s poetry, it’s only chance to know itself, ev
  12. andromeda

    WOW!!! My favorite part: Thank you for posting this!
  13. andromeda

    Hehehe... the joke is...
  14. andromeda

    I love this joke! Not just because of the moral of the story, but because it's hilarious all the way through to the punchline!
  15. :lol: This belongs to the Jokes Forum...
  16. Reputation 19? When did that happen?

    1. dark_magician_92


      so by getting surprised, repu increases lol

    2. dark_magician_92


      so by getting surprised, repu increases lol

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  17. *kisses on cheeks* (no Izzy *rolleyes* NOT buttcheeks!)

  18. I know I ONCE spenT WAY too much time on BrainDen when other members are using my BD name as a point of reference AND yes, my BD name was inspired by the Andromeda galaxy, and since I'm nowhere near to compare to it's beauty I decided to go with a lowercase "a"
  19. Nope. This is. But, never mind.
  20. I don't wanna burst your bubble, but did you actually read the article? It says nothing about tarantula stinging a tarantula hawk. It only says and I quote: It says nothing about being immune to their venom?! 1. They require a spider to serve as host for their larvae. 2. A female wasp finds a tarantula by smell. 3. She then attempts to sting the spider. 4. Once stung, the tarantula becomes paralyzed within seconds. 5. She will drag it back into its own burrow, now a burial vault, lay a single egg on the spider’s abdomen, then seal the chamber. 6. The egg hatches and th
  21. My edit time was out. Wasp is immune to what? There are nearly one million known species of insects and an estimated 10 million undescribed ones. Why would God go through such an ordeal, creating so many insects?
  22. I'm beginning to think that you don't know the first thing about molecular genetics and/or biochemistry?! Not even the basics dude. Have fun in church if that is even remotely possible
  23. I don't see the point, but it's actually pretty amazing If you are interested, google it next time Aren't you supposed to be in church? Is there a recess during the service?
  24. This question was asked so you'd think logically. Usually you just whip something out of the bible and answer with that. OK my question is: What was God's logic when He had chosen to give us survival instinct even though He created afterlife for everyone to infinitely enjoy. My answer would be (for the sake of argument) that He'd given us survival instinct so He wouldn't have to do the creation thing over and over again. Cause if we don't have an instinct to survive, we wouldn't struggle to survive, we wouldn't care if we die, so the number of people would be rapidly decimating, and Go
  25. I'm talking about people that believe in Heaven and God and all that stuff, prey to God to survive. Why did God give us survival instinct if there's an afterlife? Start your answer with: God has given us survival instinct because___________________________________________________.* *fill in the blank I'm not mocking you I'm being curious?! It's OK not to know the answer.
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