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    I read the entire joke, from top to bottom, I was only considering it for a split second to scroll down, but then started reading and got interested I love the fable
  2. andromeda

    Sooo, what are you saying?? You're Chinese born American? Otherwise, how could you possibly know?!
  3. andromeda

    All I have to say is that I was born a proud Homo sapiens
  4. I commented on your Stupid Tree photo at the Gallery, I don't know if you read it, probably not cause you would have already responded :)

  5. WOW! Over 20 000 profile views!

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      I nibble on the cookies that happened to have the same name as YOU do! Nibbling the cookies is innocent...

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  6. The Forum's been upgraded, thanks rookie! Could you list all the new features?
  7. andromeda

    Fabio Capello sucks! England needs a manager that'll consolidate their team!
  8. andromeda

    FAIL!!! :lol: :lol: Come again?!
  9. andromeda

    Hehehe... we are in the same group with Germany! The showdown is at 13:30 (Central-European Time) Friday, so I won't be able to watch cause I'm at work.
  10. Oh, and btw... I missed you :)

  11. It's rollin', I'm taking driving lessons :D

  12. andromeda

    Do You YouTube?

    Hehe... I randomly run into this one today - I found these couple of weeks ago, pure awesomeness! and
  13. andromeda

    I'm only for censoring the stupidity on TV, but the society haven't evolved enough to distinguish it
  14. Hahahahahappy Birthday!!!!! :D

  15. andromeda

    stupid tree!

    Actually the tree kinda gives this photo a nice balance, if you look at it closely. They way you held your camera while you snapped this shot made the house in the background a bit tilted to the right, while the tree in front of it is titled a bit to the left hence balancing it out. The tree that you hate in the photo is actually what makes this photo perfect You are definitely talented
  16. andromeda

    For those that still don't know this, or haven't checked my profile, my native language is Serbian and I speak/write/read English and speak Hungarian. I would like to learn many more I started learning Persian online, but then I discovered BD... On the list of my must learn languages are Persian, Spanish, German, Russian and hopefully one more Asian... maybe Mongolian but it's still all just a big maybe Check the list above. Well English is bringing us here together but it's not necessary for two people to speak the same language to understand each other. Children are a great example. You can have two kids from different continents, but give them a(n) <insert whatever toy> and they'll talk and play all day even though they don't actually understand what the other person is saying. Speaking the same language does not guarantee that the individuals will understand each other, example - The Christan Discussion on this Forum Learning a new language enriches you on so many levels and I think that it's also a sign of respect for all the people that natively speak that language, since you put a lot of time and effort to learn it. Most of the time, it's not just a language that you are learning but also customs, tradition, culture, religion, history... the more you learn, the more you understand different cultures. I think that learning about other nations/languages can only help people on a personal level, cause those that are empowered to bring peace and override hatred have respect for no one Off course!! Language is a dynamic, alive entity that constantly evolves, some new words make their way into dictionaries and some others, while still in dictionaries, are obsolete and not in use anymore, but are still valuable "fossils" Totally agree, HOWEVER there's one exception, sometimes when I'm behaving like a total <the other word for female canine animal> I want my friend to tell me to stop acting like that! In that case it's not an insult, but a wake up call And last, to explain my vote, I did once....but only once.....or maybe twice..... My mom is Hungarian so she mixes genders in Serbian (that's always quite a laugh ) and I only tease people jokingly (it's never malevolent or condescending) when they make an honest mistake the same way I accept and laugh at jokes that are addressed to me when I make one
  17. andromeda

    I can't take any credit for this especially cause Pugachov got the most of it! Nice brainer though
  18. andromeda

    Hm... the only one missing here seems to be
  19. andromeda

    Same here...
  20. andromeda

    It's not but it's much more complicated than that. Social bonding is important with animals where alpha male is the only one that has the right to copulate with the females in that particular tribe/pack. With social animals there is a strict hierarchy that has to be respected or else... By social bonding all other males are incorporating themselves in the existing hierarchy, and depending how good they are at it (grooming, rubbing genitals etc.) they are granted, by the alpha male, to mate with some females and pass on their own genes. In this example homosexual behavior and procreation are in cohesion. However I think that there is a significant difference between homosexual behavior and homosexuality. One does not need to be a homosexual to practice homosexual behavior and vice versa, if one does not practice homosexual behavior (refuses to for whatever reason - fear of being condemned and rejected) but doesn't feel like being heterosexual either (has no interest in woman sexually, if the ONE in question is male ) is in fact a homosexual. I hope you get what I mean
  21. andromeda

    Same here Only time my parents raised the question of God (Santa) was around Christmas when I had to be "good" or there would be no presents for me. My Grandmother took me to church often since she was raising me till I was five (mom and dad busy working). I don't remember ever believing in God though. I remember sitting on the balcony where the church choir was, and all that I was thinking was that all that bible thing was just an interesting fable and that's all that it was. In elementary school everyone "believed" in God so I tried to incorporate him in my understanding of the world but alas, he would always stay dangling like a nonfunctional fifth limb.
  22. I'm OK, I have a job now, I bought a lot of books, life is sweet :)

  23. I'm glad that you've enjoyed my riddles :D

    I'll try to write some more, but no promises.

    It's been a while...

  24. I started working and stopped braindening, but I'll try to be on more often cause it makes me happy :)

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