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    Some members wanted to start a topic with just and it's been locked, and it's been also discouraged to start threads that
  2. andromeda

    I agree, it would have if it were the opposite I thought that maybe the creator of the riddle kinda accidentally put them in the wrong order
  3. Individually I meant, not as a species Starve to death, being mangled to death, strangled, raped and killed, axed, hanged, stabbed, shot, beheaded, eaten by a bear, you take a pick. If you had lived a life of virtue and you are facing violent death, why do you struggle to survive? Or better yet, you are lost in the Amazonian jungle, or Alaskan wilderness, or floating on a raft in the Pacific Ocean, facing horrible death, WHY do you struggle to survive? Remember you are a good person and you have nothing to be afraid of when you face God and his judgement. You are facing an infinite time in
  4. You are totally right and here's the proof! (ATTENTION: SARCASM!) It's just way too funny not to post, no offense
  5. You did NOT answer the million dollar question hambone: Why did God give us survival instinct if there's an afterlife?! LITTLE HELP: It's hard to read the post when the quoted text isn't marked so you could use different colors to distinct what was written by you and what by the poster you are quoting or just use this [quote]insert quoted text here[/quote]
  6. andromeda

    Well it could be...
  7. Ionno has given this thread a much needed CPR!
  8. A theist would argue that God works in mysterious ways. This basically means that God decides what happens to you and everyone else, you have no power to decide anything. A theist would argue that God had given us a free will. This basically says that we can do whatever we want during our lifetime, but based of off that we will be judged in afterlife. This directly contradicts the God works part. Biologically, our survival instinct is driving us to gasp for every breath that we can take. It's an evolutionary trait the way for the DNA (the true master of all life that
  9. We were just trying to point out the logical fallacies in his conclusions. If you gonna debate about something, you better know what you are talking about. We have acknowledged that with open mind as I recall, but this thread is not about "Why I personally believe in God", but "Evidence of God's Design". I'm personally cool with hambone, and he knows that
  10. OFF TOPIC: If anyone feels like they're being disrespected, feel free to push the REPORT button at the particular post that contains the offensive word/phrase.
  11. I haven't read the whole thread, so I don't know if is this has been posted before... edit: grammar
  12. Lies! Andro loves Izzy more :)

  13. andromeda

    I would refer to you as a Reasonable Christian (I don't know if it's a religion, or not *shrug*) Welcome to the Den
  14. I totally agree with Quag and unreality! Something profound had happened to you that you interpreted the way you did, and that made you believe in God. This I respect, all the other gibberish, the so called "evidence" you provided is nothing but a big pile of non-recyclable gibberish, meaning you can't extract any useful materials out of it. As for evolution, leave it to the professionals, would ya'
  15. Er... how can someone be his own father?! I'm not asking you to give an answer, but the people that think they know the answer
  16. andromeda loves Izzy!!! Spread the word!!!

  17. OFF TOPIC: Seriously?! This is a Forum for riddles! We DO NOT need to read SLOWLY! Or you're just trying to be sarcastic HEADS UP: You don't need to use spoilers unless you actually want to put something in them, it's just dangling there at the top of the page without any actual purpose, I CAN'T believe I'm saying this, but... stop using spoilers dude
  18. andromeda

    This riddle can be ALSO found right I can make a search tutorial if you want (no sarcasm)
  19. andromeda

    Topic can be found on this Forum Please search for the riddle before you post it! Thank you
  20. How do you know that different forms of Universe weren't created millions of times, over and over again, collapsing, evaporating until, by mere chance the Universe turned out just right! YOU DON'T KNOW!
  21. Are we allowed to type "nizzle"?

    Imma ask Chris Rock...

  22. I figured that he meant the S on Superman's chest, but I have never seen a saltshaker in Serbia with an S on it. In Serbian SALT is SO, so they do start with the same letter, as for PEPPER we call it BIBER.
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