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  1. andromeda

    Not yet... sorry I didn't know that I have to double my common words and I was busy... I'm sending the appendix in shortly... appendix I love that word!
  2. andromeda

    Sydney's Famous Icons

    Nah... the colors are dim anyway, in black and white this picture looks intense compare it with the similar colored ones and you'll agree I don't know if anyone told you this before, you have a great sense for composition
  3. andromeda

    First Leaf of Autumn

    Wow! I love the painting. If this would have been in an art gallery and if I had money I would have asked how much?? I was wondering, what time of the day is on the painting, I think of it as a bright afternoon
  4. andromeda

    Wow seeksit! That's a lot of typing... I can't believe I was the winner of this round cause round 1 I was over thinking things, and now I only had like 5 minutes to send in the answers and I wasn't even consulting the dictionary (I usually do that I admit ) But it does feel great though Happy anniversary CL!
  5. OK we are finally done. Something obviously went wrong cause people kept producing the same images ... I blame myself and the cat fight remark! Thank you guys for participating! 1. Y-san 2. Brandonb 3. andromeda 4. Octopuppy 5. scsw 6. GMaster479 7. LIS - caption only 8. seeksit 9. IDNE 10. plasmid 11. No1slight 12. woon 13. Magic_luver101 (Magi) 14. clozo 15. Pet_Rock 16. CyberSpace17 17. abhisk 18. crazypainter 19. Grayven
  6. Well since Marth still didn't post the picture for this I'll PM someone to take it over so we could finish this game. 1. Y-san 2. Brandonb 3. andromeda 4. Octopuppy 5. scsw 6. GMaster479 7. LIS - caption only 8. seeksit 9. IDNE 10. plasmid 11. No1slight 12. woon 13. Magic_luver101 (Magi) 14. clozo 15. Pet_Rock 16. CyberSpace17 17. abhisk 18. ??? 19. Grayven
  7. Hm... there's a problem besides the TOP button (yeah... I can press Home but then I have to lift my hand of the mouse ) anywho... when I go to the "search members posts" and I want to get to a particular post I can't, cause there's no link to it and when I get a reply notification and I click on the link, it takes me to the OP not to the last post that I didn't read, oh yeah and there's no last unread post link! I'll look around and then complain some more Me and my multiple personalities are a tough crowd! EDIT: Uhhh! I like the EDIT button!!! Works super fast!
  8. andromeda

    Hey seeksit, sorry again. I'm sending mine in soon.
  9. andromeda

    Sorry seeksit. I have no time to work on it now, but I'll try to send it in in about 3 hours. Since we have a new feature that you can PM (PC) up to 10 people it would be great if you could notify me cause I don't visit Den that often.
  10. Where's the TOP button, I'm too lazy to scroll?! I'll get back to you on rest of the stuff when I get used to this
  11. This is like getting home and while you were out everything was redecorated?! Weird!

  12. andromeda

    I was really shaken by Neda's death... Michael's brother mentioned Allah... I didn't know that MJ was Muslim??
  13. andromeda

    Sorry I totally forgot it would be great if you'd extend this over the weekend cause that way more people could join, and I would have enough time to carefully study this Have fun!
  14. andromeda

    I was listening to Dirty Diana yesterday!!! Well I always thought that MJ is gonna be the first person to live forever... in a way he will. Not really... switch to Sports or Science... I'm watching tennis Life goes on...
  15. Well unfortunatelly I went through this game like a zombie cause I didn't have the time to pay attention on all the little details and for GC "innocent tag" I blame SD GC knows that I'm smarter than the Smart Blond
  16. While you are in India, find GC and kick his a**!
  17. Thanks for the fun game G-man! Too bad that we had so many inactives. I suggest less roles for the next time. For me, this game is a win especially because we kicked GC a**!
  18. It's nice to see that someone has integrity in mafia
  19. I cured Eeeeep and you are only allowed one RID per night and Eeeeep also had a School Idol targets Kat block so either way and your block was stopped by Eeeeep.
  20. I'd say we lynch the Rich Kid and call it a tie. I don't mind having Cheerleaders in the School, but I don't like Hooligans I think that a tie would be super cool.
  21. Class Roster 1. Clozobozo - lynched and found to be the [Computer geek] 2. Abhisk 3. Riranor - voting for grey cells 4. underground_dan - suspended by the Hooligans 5. Limey- lynched and found to be the [Class President] 6. RPGBully- suspended by the Hooligans 7. Eeeeep - suspended by the Hooligans 8. Mekal - lynched and found to be the [Goth] 9. Phaze- suspended by the Hooligans 10. Amberrock - lynched and found to be the [Vandal] 11. Kathleen 12. Reaymanator - suspended by the Hooligans 13. andromeda - voting for grey cells 14. Social Darwin - suspended by the Hooligans 15. R
  22. So who are the Bees?? Do you want to lynch the Rich Kid and tie the game?
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