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  1. http://www.drawastickman.com/
  2. Congratulations guys you deserve it. Not a single girl on the VIP list! What's up with THAT rookie? I wasn't active for a long time so I wasn't a contender, but there must be at least one girl that deserves it?!
  3. Hello you cute German-American fluff :) When are you coming over to Europe?

    1. andromeda


      Oh, I've finished reading "The God Delusion" and I think I'm having a crush on Richard Dawkins!!! :D

    2. Izzy


      I am not American!

      And... idk, going to Thailand next summer.

  4. I'm lovin' this! I can see every comment that I add on other people's profiles on my page and their feedback and I can comment more... oh the possibilities...

  5. andromeda

    A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be. Albert Einstein
  6. Hi guys! It's not homework, but I can't seam to find an answer anywhere, or I just don't know where to look. Anywho, the question that's bugging me is: Does rapid cooling of liquids deplete the oxygen level in the liquids? If you could link me I would very much appreciate it
  7. I thought that we will only send a picture/caption to the next person to have their turn and to you. I didn't know that you'll start a "conversation". Part of the fun is when other people are commenting in spoilers before the person has it's turn, and then going back and reading the comments.
  8. Happy fake BIRTHDAY! :D

  9. Happy eat-all-the-cake-you-want day! :)

  10. Hugs and kisses :)

  11. OK, the picture is sent to Q-Cumber and CC-ed to maurice
  12. I'm here. If I don't sign it doesn't mean that I don't watch OK, gimme a sec, there's a word that I don't understand and I suck at drawing...
  13. andromeda

    Chrome There's only one thing that I hate. Serbian captions in mouseovers whenever there's a Google doodle I don't know how to change it to English
  14. Odd - Caption / Even - Drawing 1. TheCube 2. momo 3. kris 4. peace is out 5. MoMa 6. andromeda 7. Q-Cumber 8. 9. Add more numbers!
  15. I don't mind if you do. Since I started working I just don't have the time I think that the rules are pretty much straightforward, so enjoy the game, I might even sign up to play, just don't have the time to host.
  16. andromeda

    Isn't LOSE the opposite of WIN?!
  17. WOW! I only got to 154
  18. andromeda

    Sydney - koala

    This picture reminds me of my Sunday afternoons...
  19. WOW! I can almost see a Velociraptor behind you!
  20. andromeda

    That's not true, it's a good exercise for the brain. Atheists are practicing how to think and make reasonable arguments and theists are practicing how to ignore those arguments. I disagree. The only reason that religion/gods was/were created was because people needed an explanation about things that they couldn't understand. Example: It was a bad harvest season, God(s) are angry and we need to crack someone's skull in order to ingratiate ourselves with the God(s). That's how people rationalized things back in the days. Now we have Science and we know about climate and that everything is connected through cause and effect. I'm not that gullible EDIT: Stupid grammar
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