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  1. So did Elvis Actually Wiki says up to 150 a.d. (mid second century, so the fable was passed on, same as many other legends and myths were). Well, somebody thought the same thing Paris Hilton said a while ago and I quote: "It will work. I'm a marketing genius." Bible and Christianity are nothing but the biggest marketing scam of all times!! I gotta hand it to them, they did quite a job, we are still suffering from the ripple effect, but I'd still rather believe in Wizard of Oz! Dude... this is not cool. You are talking about a real person here. She was
  2. I just read "Important: READ BEFORE POSTING" and Rookie says nothing about facelicks... so Imma guess it's OK *shrug*

  3. THAT'S IT! That's what I said when I read dms's solution. The riddle is awesome and beautifully worded BUT what's with the Superman?! edit
  4. BTW... HOW CAN A FACELICK BE INNOCENT unless you're a dog?!

  5. Nah... I'm pretty sure that it's illegal in the BD life too :P

    *cuddles* are legal :) I think...

  6. Hm... I think that your *licking* just pivoted this conversation from borderline illegal to definitely illegal :D

  7. Hahahahaha... I can't believe you just said that...


  8. Nah... I never watch the pre-game show, it's always crap, bunch of people pretending to know s*** about football/soccer.



  9. EDIT: the final IS starting... stupid kisses got me all confused... *face-turns-red*

  10. You didn't... I'm off, the finals are starting soon :D

  11. Did you send me a message? I accidentally erased it if you did *facepalm*

  12. Good! I have a passport! :)

  13. OK, another try... P.S. I don't have a kid, but I watched a lot of cartoons as a kid, hence my English knowledge
  14. I agree. There are also many versions of the bible, and I can imagine that many of those who transcribed the book, centuries ago, added some of their own "wisdom"
  15. *hugs Izzy to a point of near suffocation*

  16. You misunderstood, I meant that you could provide a link to a website/article where you read that so I could read it too about discarding the theory that we and apes descended from the common ancestor.
  17. OK... first of all I made a mistake, it's a dude. Second, he did offer an explanation, I just looked it up, it's right HERE. The problem with his theory is that 3,8 billions of years ago there was no ozone layer. The UV light would destroy the microbes/organic molecules that would be brought to the earth by comets. To create ozone you need molecular oxygen, and "back in the days" billions of years ago, you needed photosynthetic organisms to create molecular oxygen. Life, no matter how ridiculous it may seem, was most probably generated in a small niche with the optimal conditions for a
  18. Did the lady offer a better explanation? I'm curious...
  19. Hahaha... the word that popped my mind after reading this NECROPHILIA - Hop in a relic so true! EDIT: One more. NECROPHILIAC - Choleric pain
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