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I'm gonna have to say its me for several reasons

1 i am egotistical

2. i always tell people to use smileys :)

3. I pop in and out of the forum at random times (adds to the mystique of the quagmire that is my mind) :ph34r:

4. i think i have a really cool avatar (did i mention i was egotistical)

5. My typing skills (lack thereof) makes everyone else look good

6. ive made a really cool list of reasons why

7. :wacko::duh::thumbsup::dry::wub:;) )i know same as no 2 but hey why not

8. Im Canadian and Canada is the USA best friend (though sometimes were called the annoying little brother)

9.I ride a a motorcycle, ducati to be specific (think ferrari on 2 wheels) and though Cat didnt actually know this, she could tell that im a cool dude because im so awesome (egotistical again) and well i needed a 9th reason to get to 10

10. everyone else seems to have already been guessed :duh:

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@Quagmire No one cares about Canada. Except for maybe France. and even that's doubtful. See this clip for reference. ;)

Yes we are the stealthy country no one ever suspects us!

But we are brave!

I as a Canadian I have the courage to stand up and tell all about nefarious plots being plotted nefariously!

We defeated the USA in the war of 1812, the one where you yanks invaded us and we spanked you and sent you back hoem to your mommies! (but now that you know your place we get along well)

WWI We were the first people who stood up to poison gas attacks, largely due to a canadian soldeir who recognized what was happening and told others what to do (brave and smart) ever hear of Vimy ridge? Brits and French tried and failed repeatedly we succeded on first attempt.

Red Baron, shot down by a Canadian, Arthur Brown.

Top british ace Billy Bishop thats right a Canadian

We ended WW2 with te 3rd largest navy in the world the 4th largest army. i think out air force was also 4th but a large percentage of britains airmen were canadian or trained in canada

Un Peacekeeprs, Yup that idea came from Canada

But we arenot just brave we are smart

Alexander Graham Bell though scottish by birth emigrated to Canada and the clean pure hardy air there allowed his genius to blossom and he invented the telephone

we are also honorable

the un declaration of human rights brain child of a canadian John Peter Humphrey

We are a nation that was created not through the chance of warfare but peacefuldemocratic discussions, we have never had a civil war (what civil about war anyway?)

We are the 2nd largest country by landmass but sparesly populated due to the rugged nature of our climate and terrain. Most people would have trouble enduring the extreme temperature changes from summer to winter +30 to -30 celsius but we embrace it and enjoy our winter sports as much if not more than the summer ones.

We are the only country in teh world to have rainforests/deserts/tundra/deciduous+coniferous forests/plains/mountains we border on 3 oceans and have all 5 great lakes.

I could go on and on and on but let me finish with this


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I have never heard of anyone but Alexander Graham Bell, and he only emigrated to Canada, he wasn't born there. Just goes to show how much people don't care about..... what's its name again?

:lol: Jk, I love all you Canadians, Canadia is an amazing country. I just couldn't resist pulling up the stereotypical Canadia clip from Hetalia. It was the perfect context. :lol: I swear, that show is so flippin' stereotypical, there are really no words to describe it. :lol:

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