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When you answer the question posed correctly, as confirmed by the questioner, it's then your turn to ask a question about yourself. Questions shouldn't be too vague or have myriad possible answers. "What's my favorite color?" is maybe okay whereas "What's my favorite movie?" is probably not. Better might be, "What's my (least) favorite Stanley Kubrick movie." Hopefully a little fun and maybe somewhat telling - BrainDen style. Short on-topic post-AAA commentary including affirmation, mild ribbing, commiseration, approval, etc. is certainly acceptable. Nothing too personal. Here goes...

When I go to the grocery store, I spend the most time in which aisle?

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I do indeed spend quite a bit of time in the coffee section along with the detergent section or any other where the best deal requires comparing price relative to quantity. However, that pales in comparison to my indecisiveness in the produce department. Always think there might be a riper avocado, a fresher smelling canteloupe or a juicier lime. Once even settled prematurely on what was certainly not the best pear as I noticed a snicker from a fellow shopper and looped back after gathering the rest of my items to try again. Ok, tmi - smoth333's up. Do we shop at the same store?

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Good guesses so far but nothing yet.

And it's been 24 hours -I think my category may have been too broad - so I will leave a futher clarifcation/hint?

What is my favorite drug-themed movie with......

....an actor who also was in the original production of Rent on Broadway?

Edit: fixed spoiler

Edited by smoth333
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Normally id go with TheChad choice but is taken so how about the hangover?

I don't think that is really a drug movie.

There are certain movies that are "stoner" movies.

They are often trippy and full of weird little jokes.

Something like Pink Floyd's The Wall is often described as a stoner movie because of being "trippy"

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One more hint as the original question appears to be way too broad and the last hint may have been too obscure.

favorite "drug-themed" movie titled inspired by a song recorded by...well not that much of a hint

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