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your on-line name or your RL name? (I don't even know if they are the same or different...

Edit: I apparently failed reading comprehension - somehow I thought you were refering to your name....

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Yeah...but...Chicago Fire...like...the Great Chicago Fire...

I'm all out of soccer teams. I'm assuming it's Pro American soccer... but that's a pretty big assumption. O'course, there's no other country outside 'Merica.

Just googled MLS teams.

The Kansas City Wizards.

Oh kinda like Texas Rangers?

btw, team is not based in the US

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So a bunch of teams were guessed for Mo's favorite - out of those teams mentioned I have been to the Chicago Fire's stadium (ok actually three different ones they have used - Soldier, UNI, and Bridgeview) and one other's.

Which team's was it?

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I don't know where the Blitz played (Soldier?) so I can't say for sure, but I never saw them play. Also, I have sadly not had the pleasure of a game at Old Trafford.

Edit: According to wikipedia the Blitz played at Solider Field - but they were an American football team in the USFL. The Chicago Sting were the 70's era soccer team in town and played at Solider, Wrigley, and Comiskey. However that is not what I was looking for either.

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