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Everything is WIFOM; the cookies could be under this bowl, because my mother wouldn't want me to look there, but then she might think that I would anyways, since I can see through the WIFOM and put it under that bowl over there. But I would see through that WIFOM too, and it would be under the bowl over here. But in true Westley fashion, the cookies would be under both bowls, so it doesn't matter now, does it? *walks away while happily munching on a warm gooey chocolate chip cookie*

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Everything if WIFOM, when offered two choices, you think they expect you to choose the first one. But then you realize the first might not be as good as the second one, so you think about choosing the second one instead. But you realize the 'choice-giver' may expect you to pick the second one instead. So (s)he makes the second one the worse one.

So, eventually, you decide to TAKE THEM BOTH AND RUN!!!!!!!

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@mo There are little "up arrow, down arrow" type things at the bottom right hand corner before the sig. The "up arrow" is the + option; the "down arrow" is the - option.

there used to be...i don't see them since the update :(

edit - ok I changed the theme to IP Board (don't know what it was before, but I couldn't see the BD logo either) all is good now :thumbsup:

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