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  1. If I’ve eventually found it (?) , then your ending is in keeping with the theme :-)
  2. You’ve got me all over the place with this one. Don’t think that I’m 100%….but I’ll go with (SUB)TITLE?
  3. Nembutal Yellow capsules Street name Yellow Jackets
  4. Maybe not the dope, but the demographic of the dopes who use it? From the right……W.A.S.P?
  5. Wasp colouring reference? It fly’s :-)
  6. Controlled? Workings…..Con, Trolled, Control, Coed.
  7. Check your inbox Shakee.B))

  8. consortium? Just a note, you may find Lovett cryptocrosswords a fun pastime. Good tutorial on codes and strategies. I'm hooked.….Ty, will start studying :-)
  9. And then a fleating thought hits you……….Peppers?
  10. Ok Teach. I was unaware of this word …..every day’s a school day :-) ADROGATE?
  11. Where would I bc without one….Advocate?
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