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My gun was the hand of judgement, my knife the voice of justice, my spoon the eyes of gluttony, my cup the horn of plenty, My stuffy the heart of compassion, my life was very complicated untill the doc gave me these little blue pills.

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Were you on the sulfates at the time......?



I hope Zahn writes them into the Thrawn story if he hasn't.

I hope B&N starts stocking Thrawn books...

My gun was the hand of judgement.. Until they brought tanks.

This seems to be the most popular, though.

You're up, Artie.

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actual words spoken by my father when he was mildly irritated with me

I am the absolute ruler of this house and your mother lets me call myself that!

it was an easy one for me

ok here goes

I used to think I could fly like superman....

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I used to think that I could fly like Superman.. Now I drive a wheelchair like Charles Xavier.

(This is practically the same as my first submission, but I realized some might not know who he is)

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