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  1. Complete coincidence that I logged back in today of all days. CONGRATS on the award!
  2. mOs style. Means everything happens at the same time. Paradoxical posts are allowed, and typically in the event of an action paradox, the block takes precedence. Y-San will correct me if I'm wrong as it pertains to her game. Edit: When did I hit 3k!?
  3. <p> <br /> <br /> </p> It's a question of how the actions in the NP are handled. see the wiki http://mafiamaniac.wikia.com/wiki/Mafia_Maniac_Wiki for more info (and lots of other good stuff)
  4. <p> <br /> This is a Ysan game, meaning OOP, mOs style.</p>
  5. Nice! I like the format. Very simple and effective. I also like the click-for-answer requirement (and that the answer appears in its own popup). The only thing I would change is the way the app reacts to the screen turning off. Typically, when I turn my screen back on after it has been off, the app returns or remains at the most recent portion. However, this app resumes back at the beginning of the list of puzzles, thus requiring me to scroll back through the puzzles until I find where I left off. Also, is there any way that this app could reflrect the forum? Or maybe see if the forum could be compatible with the TapaTalk app?
  6. <p> <br /> <br /> ...<br /> ...<br /> ...<br /> <br /> ...sh*t<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> (;P)<br /> <br /> <br /> </p> Lol! And a safe house apparently. So even if you could gain control of your sword beast, as far as your bankai is concerned you still won't be able to touch me... Trouble is that I won't be able to do anything either... You can thank the mobile version of this site for the broken code. There's quite a few glitches in the full and mobile versions of the new bd.
  7. <p> <br /> <br /> </p> Them's fightin words. Ima callin you out.
  8. The game is called mafia huh? I'm not sure I understand... Is this like that old party game? How do we get together to play it if we are online? Well it looks like fun I guess. Can I be a backup (if that's allowed)?
  9. Brandonb

    Yeah, after I got zombified I started counting the abilities and realized that we never stood a chance from the start. BGs- 1) Block at night 2) Block lasts indefinitely (making it the equivalent of a kill) 3) This block/kill has highest priority over all other abilities (this is an ability in itself) 4) A kill 5) Copy role (whatever that may end of being) 6) Role-Reveal misdirection 7) They ALL know each other's roles 8) Extra votes 9) Spy 10) BTSC Basically, they had 6-7 abilities depending on how you look at it, plus the massive advantage of BTSC that usually works to create balance in a 6-7 vs 1 game. Meaning that even if the Heroes and Army had worked together flawlessly (if there had been no incentive for the Army to kill the Heroes and it was actually 9 vs 3), there's still advantage in favor of the BGs. Heroes- 1) Kill IF they have an ID (making it usually about a 1/4 chance of success at best, not even vaguely comparable to the BG kill ability) 2) Bring someone back from the dead IF they have an ID (Again very little chance that it will ever work, not even vaguely comparable to the BG zombify ability) 3) Block (Though falls 2nd to the BG block) 4) Redirect 5) Save 6) Spy Army- 1) Kill IF they have an ID (making it usually about a 1/4 chance of success at best, not even vaguely comparable to the BG kill ability) 2) Block (Though falls 2nd to the BG block) 3) Redirect 4) One of them knows the roles of the other two, but the other two know nothing @ OT, I had you on N2, I redirected you to yourself (thus eliminating you from the game ) but then your ability took precedence and the one time I used my ability it didn't count. Good game guys, I just wish I had studied the BG roles better before the game started.
  10. Brandonb

    True, but at least we're not going to starve on BRAINden
  11. Brandonb

    If they didn't zombify themselves, then they have the lynch majority to take out whoever they want, then they kill the remaining player tonight, game over. And in case that one of the zombies is un-zombified at the end of the day, then that player will just be zombified again tonight, game over. Basically the BGs had 2 simple kills this game, thus a single Hero lynch=BG win. So it should be over as far as I can tell.
  12. Brandonb

    Isn't that now a majority?
  13. Brandonb

    I think many of us knew that from N1... though apparently not Segul, but he probably wouldn't have realized it without experience. Anyways, I thought I made it pretty clear through my behavior in my last post that I'm not an Indy. But now you have subjected yourself to an RID, as well as narrowing things down for the BGs (in case they didn't have you figured out already). So now that both of the remaining two Indies are out in the open, does anyone else want to go ahead and out themselves? Well crap.
  14. Brandonb

    Well that explains the compliment for the proposed alliance and also the indirect defense of Segul I guess that kinda squishes the proposed alliance... At least take comfort that the Heroes are not going to kill you because we don't want to give the BGs more opportunity towards the majority On the upside... as far as I can tell, the 3 BGs are among firno, Nick, slick, OT, Maurice, and woon. 50/50 shot after D1. Not bad!
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