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  1. Hey everyone I'm Unreality I was one of the "original" people on BrainDen before its massive awesome boom, and I've seen it grow to this pwnage forum it is today ;D That's why I want everyone to introduce themselves... I was surprised that we don't have such a topic/forum/area/whatever there's so many members, this'll be a good way to meet all of you
  2. Mafia VI: Gangs of Denbrain

    Mafia VI (Gangs of Denbrain ;D) has begun!!! Please nobody post until I have made Posts 1, 2, 3 and 4 of this topic (then someone mysterious will make post 5, THEN you guys can post), I just need to copy em on! thanks
  3. I liked the old one. This one is very confusing
  4. Newbies Guide to Mafia

    Newbies' Guide to Mafia Version 1.6.1 1.3: Note, I've touched this guide up, fixing typos, adding new content, elaborating on previous content, adding new links, revising and updating outdated things, etc, so be sure to check it out ;D 1.4: I've added a bunch of new categories for role types (section IV, part b) as well as a couple links here and there (BB's role list, incog and games on incog, etc) 1.4.2: I touched up a lot of things for formatting, grammar & visual aspects. I also updated and expanded the 'Stuff for Hosts' section (VII) as well as IIIc/e 1.4.3: added a hosting tip and changed some role name examples to prevent confusion; also touched up and expanded the links section 1.4.4: fixed the FAQ section 1.5: fixed typos and smoothened wording in sections I, II, III and VIII; linked to profiles of me, sin and ysan for faq/help; added (to Links section) a list of some experienced players who are available for questions from less experienced players (to add your name to this list, PM me - that's how the people that are there now got on); added to the FAQ with a question addressing inactivity; added to Baddie Strategy and Gaining Strategy; added "why?" to FAQ as per suggestion by Frost 1.6: Added "Random Advice" subsection to part VIII 1.6.1: Upgraded BD to this version from its much earlier version I. Introduction: What is Mafia? II. Factions and Win Conditions III. Basic Rules ( a ) Night and Day ( b ) Voting ( c ) BTSC ( d ) PM repping ( e ) Death IV. Roles ( a ) What are roles? ( b ) Types of roles ( c ) Independent roles V. Game Strategy ( a ) Overall Day Strategy ( b ) Innocent Role Strategy ( c ) Baddie Role Strategy ( d ) Independent Role Strategy ( e ) Gaining Strategy VI. Links [past Mafia games, external links, etc] VII. Stuff for Hosts VIII. FAQ and Random Advice ~~~ I made this with spoilers so that anyone with any level of experience can quickly access the things they need. Enjoy! ;D ~~~ I. Introduction: What is Mafia? II. Factions and Win Conditions V. Game Strategy ( a ) Overall Day Strategy ( b ) Innocent Role Strategy ( c ) Baddie Role Strategy ( d ) Independent Role Strategy ( e ) Gaining Strategy VII. Stuff for Hosts
  5. The DEITY System *** This is an RP, or roleplay- a collective story told by many people (as many that sign up), who each control a single character. They tell the story of their character as the characters interact with each other and the world, moving the story forward- sometimes toward a finish, sometimes not. Only participate if you like to write ;D *** Welcome to Epsilon, a world consisting of a tropical sea scattered with small islands. These islands, also tropical, are known as Epsilon-1, Epsilon-2, etc, all the way up to Epsilon-27, a sandbar off of Epsilon-26. Nobody living in Epsilon decided on that, or the name of their world. They just know that's what it's called. Some of the islands are close enough together that you can see an island from the beach of another- the people there don't have the curiosity nor innovation to build a boat and explore- not yet, anyways. And nobody living on (for example) Epsilon-21 is curious that there may be 20 other islands, and maybe more... not yet, anyways. The inhabitants are thus restricted to their own islands, all isolated from each other, where they make their living- a pleasant living. The weather is almost always good, except for the occasional monsoon. There is plenty of fish in the sea, fruit in the trees, and meat running around the jungle. Most of the islands have set up a sort of tribal leadership and community, living peacefully in beach huts or jungle houses, pretty sanitary too, though all the islands vary. Some are worse off than others. The people are usually very pacified. This proclaimed "unrealism" is denounced by the mysterious DEITY System- the apparent boss of the world. It represents a god to the people of Epsilon- they know it exists, just as they know that they are living a place called Epsilon, just like they know their own island number. They also know that the DEITY System resides on the island Epsilon-0. I say "apparent boss of the world" because the DEITY System does not interact with its world- not directly, anyway. The people fend for themselves. It does not interfere, for good or bad. It does not see the future. The people don't pray to it. But it is their god, their ruler - they just know that. I said "not directly, anyway"- and by that, I mean the DEITY System's propoganda. Yes, it interacts through propoganda- strange creatures known as Heralds may appear on the horizon, a couple of them in a long boat, using long paddles to bring themselves to shore. The people of whichever island the Heralds are visiting gather around, offering them food, drink, shelter. But Heralds don't eat, nor drink, nor sleep. They have no need. They are just there to give messages of the DEITY System, to spread propoganda. Slogans such as "Adapt. React. Be Independent. Be REALISTIC!"... or pictures of tribesmen gathering together, working in groups, or thinking of new ideas- or discovering new things, creating new inventions. Once the Heralds have given their message successful, whether it be verbal, a sand drawing, or an object they had taken with them, they depart as they had come, disappearing into the horizon. It seems to you or I that Epsilon is a very strange world- but not so to the people that live there. Intrigued? Want to join? Before I post how to join and how to get started, I just want to see a show of hands of how many people are interested, if any. So post here if you're interested
  6. -- ATMOS -- Imagine a giant gaseous planet twice the volume of Earth but of such light density it could float in the Pacific. This is Atmos, a planet smack dab in the middle of some galaxy - perhaps the Milky Way, perhaps not, perhaps not even in the universe we know - but for the inhabitants of this gaseous giant, there is no universe except for Atmos itself. For them, Sky is Life. Sky is what they breathe, what they fly in, what they float in, what they worship. When Sky runs out and what we call Space begins, the universe ends for Atmosians. The Sky Goddess is even more sacred than the Earth God, but both of them together in an eternal copulation is what produces the brilliant light of the sun, penetrating the swirling, turbulent atmopshere of Atmos. In general the planet is densest and windiest near the Core and as you go outward along the radius it becomes increasingly calm. There are six generally classified stages of the atmosphere: * The Core: nobody knows what's inside, nobody has come out alive. Small sphere at the absolute center of Atmos * The Aeternal Storm - this is the very dangerous sphere that cloaks the Core in a near-black layer of vicious tempests and endless raging cyclones. The top of the Aeternal Storm is marked by a rolling, hissing sea of murky grey cumulonimbus tops, occasionally jettisoning plasmatic jets of vapor * Lower Aire - this large region is the dense layer directly above the upper horizon of the Aeternal Storm and tends to be filled with thick red-orange dust that casts everything in a hazy dusty light. Sunlight is just barely filtered through the rusty sky. Due to its denser gases compared to the higher Aires, the porous rock that forms Sky Islands tends to settle in the Lower Aire… nearly all sky islands have their bottom tip (or entire body) within the Lower Aire. In the Lower Aire, water is as it is on Earth * Middle Aire - the largest layer of all. Very variable. In some denser places water acts as it does in the Lower Aire, but in some places water floats and forms globules… a massive superglobule is known as the Ocean. Most life forms developed in the Middle Aire in nebulaic cauldrons of gas and aqua as well as primordial bubbles of magma that eventually became the rocky sky islands * Upper Aire - the Middle Aire and Upper Aire have a gradual tranisition, but the Upper Aire is generally regarded as being within a beautiful massive azure blue sky and shined upon by terrifically bright sunlight. The highest clouds exist near the upper layer of Middle Aire and in fact the scientific boundary between the two Aires is where clouds clump too much are no longer able to ascend * The Aetrium - Above the Upper Aire is a mysterious region known as the Aetrium. It's where Sky starts becoming sparse and the air gets harder and harder to breathe. The Aetrium is associated with psychedelic journeys as one runs out of Sky to breathe, mystical experiences and dazzling calm viewpoints of the world below. The Aetrium is characterized by its purplish dark sky speckled with stars ("sky-gems") and far-off galaxies and nebulas and aurora lights dancing at the top of the world. In general Atmos is stormiest at the Core and gets calmer and calmer the farther you go out, so the Aetrium is hauntingly calm and tranquil and quiet Let's talk about intelligent lifeforms on Atmos. There are three fundamental main races…. ** the Tanna (rhymes with Hannah) - these are essentially what we know as humans, and are known also by the term "human" but that's derogatory, used by the other races. However, there are some key biological differences from what we know as humans… for one, the Tanna have very versatile toes and are known to grip things with their feet. They also breathe Sky and need Water to live but not as often as an Earthling. Tanna are light-boned and can jump very high and tend to be lithe and athletic. The Tanna live on top of the sky islands in towering, high-altitude cities that rear to incredible heights, going all the way from the fortress bases in the Lower Aire through complex tower, bridge and platform systems in the Middle Aire up through golden spires and towertops in the Upper Aire ** the Gromules - this is a race related to the Tanna but split off the evolutionary tree a long way back. The Gromules are an underground race of dark-grey-knobbly-skinned big-bobule-nosed hunch-backed lantern-carrying troll-like beings with voracious appetites and mysterious mining rituals. They are said to sing the sky-ore out of the sky islands' innards. The Gromules have a fascination with technology and are eons ahead of the Tanna when it comes to electrical, mechanical and alchemical devices. They dig out intricate ant-like burrows deep into the rock and have an ant-like society ruled by a Queen with various castes for workers, soldiers, miners, gatherers, etc. ** the Sarzava - these are best described as giant intelligent bugs. They have very shiny smooth metallic skin forming powerful, but light, exoskeletons that enable flight. They are bipedal, roughly human in shape but with four arms not two, making them officially insects. Their heads are snakelike and their hands and feet are clawed. They have small antenna protruding from the head and are equipped with a powerful set of wide-wingspan flashy iridescent dragonfly wings that buzz at incredible rates. The Sarzava live much of their lives in the sky and have a mysterious democratic swarm-based society with no centralized leadership. Any single Sarzavi would put its life on the line for its Hive, but some Sarvani are loners and exiles and live a semi-feared, semi-revered life among the Tanna The conflict opening this story is that of a guerrilla warfare campaign being waged by the Monarchy (that's one of the largest Tanna kingdoms that has control over most of the major trade sky islands with a few notable exceptions) against a multi-race terrorist society known as the Vortex. The Vortex is said to object fundamentally to the principles of the Monarchy - which are utmost servitude to the Sky Goddess and Her Sky God. Every ten years, in a ritual known as the Crowning, these two deities are said to choose the next Monarch (whether it be male or female, there is no sexism) to rule for the decade. The Vortex oppose this ritual due to its randomness (something about the Sun shining on someone) and also other philosophies and practices of the Monarchy. It is rumored that the Vortex has been receiving supplies & funds from the United Sky Empire, a coalition of small but wealthy Tanna-run city-state sky islands floating in defense clusters near the ecuatorial region of Middle Aire. The Monarch has elected to put together a special team of operatives to sneak into the USE under the guise of tourism and infiltrate the supply chain, hoping not only to unmask the USE's deal with the terrorists (because that might shift many of the high-morals Grombule burrows' trade from the USE to the Monarchy, which feels itself slipping out of the massive might it once had) but also hoping to follow the supply chain all the way down the Vortex terrorists and infiltrate them as well. A lot of wealth and prosperity and nobility awaits those who answer the Monarch's call… but in the same vein, a lot of danger and risk lurk just out of sight… this is the only the beginning… [1] Choose a race from: Tanna, Gromule, Sarzava [2] If you are Tanna, choose a Lifestyle; if you are Gromule, choose a Caste; if you are Sarzava, you are special (PM me about how to fit in your backstory) [3] Choose three Skills Tanna Lifestyles: * Warrior * Thief * Aquamancer * Sky Merchant * Druid * Sky Pirate * Monk of the Order of Na'tuun Gromule Castes: * Emissary * Miner * Engineer * Tunnel Knight * Alchemist Skills: [pick three - Monks and Engineers pick four] * Trapsetting/Disarming * Locksmithy/Lockpicking * Inner Eye (Monk only) * Conversational Hypnosis (aka very persuasive) * High Tolerance of Pain * Disguise Aptitude / Seeing through Disguises * Lying Aptitude / Seeing through Bluffs * Magician's Hands / Escape Artistry * Dual Weapon Wield * Array Archery * Basic Medical Training (Healer gets for free) * Advanced Medical Training (Healer only) * Basic Martial Arts Training (Monk gets for free) * Freefall (Monk only) * Stealthy Strike * Climbing, Vaulting and Acrobatic Skillset * Duelist * Basic Alchemy (Alchemist gets for free) * Very Basic Aquamancy (Aquamancers get for free) Free Skills don't take away from the 3 or 4 you get to pick. If you want to know more about a skill, PM me When you PM your character to me, include your race, lifestyle/caste, skills and unique backstory… and why your character has accepted the Monarch's call to arms. Unless you are an Aquamancer or Monk, I probably wouldn't join any organizations/guilds yet. Anyway, I will give you the go ahead to post it publically. Players: Host: Unreality 1) pablos4pandas 2) Framm 3) Gmaster479 4) Medji 5) sayalzah 6) Music I don't know if you guys have played a "roleplay" before - this is not like that. This is more like Dungeons and Dragons. As the Host/DM, I control everything except you. I am the world, the universe… all you control is what your character says, thinks and does, how they act and react to the world… I control shopkeepers, enemies, the weather, gods, bacterial reproduction, and everything else. I know that such a playstyle is better suited for face-to-face communication but I think it's worth a shot here. Oh, here's the combat system:
  7. Family Reunion

    FAMILY REUNION: At a family reunion, it is found that the following relationships existed between the people present: Father, Mother, Son, Daughter, Uncle, Aunt, Brother, Sister, Cousin, Nephew, Niece. However there were only four people there. How could this be so?
  8. Rollo

    Here's how it works, someone thinks of a 5 letter word and I guess begins symbolically by posting "_ _ _ _ _" then people begin guessing 5 letter words. When a word is guessed, the host puts a number next to the word signifying HOW MANY LETTERS WERE IN THE CORRECT POSITION. You cannot win by just guessing the right word though. You must "logick" the five letters via an explanation of why that letter has to be logically 100% sure that letter. When the letter is "scored" like this, the underscore is replaced with that letter and the person that got the letter gets 5 points. When the fifth and final letter is "scored", the player that gets that letter gets 10 points instead of the usual 5; and the host gets 1 point per guessed word and 5 points per incorrectly logicked attempt to score a letter. We'll keep running totals of points or something but that's how it works in a nutshell. if you have the hang of it, i'll start it off: _ _ _ _ _
  9. This is about finding the words you can make with letters from the root word. In this case, automobile: Automobile ======= automobile auto mobile tom mob bile a i now what if you can use the letters in any order (but if there are, say, 2 o's, you can only use up to 2 words)... Automobile ======= automobile auto mobile tom mob bile a i boot moot loot bit moat boat limb (etc) Let's make the list as big as possible. I could probably get a lot of words right now, but I'm kind of in a hurry and this is a group effort anyway ;D Please repost the current list when you add new words. Thanks, and have fun!
  10. A Complicated Numbers Problem

    Okay here's my attempt
  11. Prime Sided Dice

    How bout this?
  12. Final and irrefutable proof that 1 = 2

    Hahaha yes
  13. Newbies Guide to Mafia

    Seven years later, still pinned baby! Had a bit of a nostalgia moment for those mafia days
  14. Rest in Peace, Games Forum

    @flamebirde I came back on today and saw this. I'm still alive, and hear you loud and clear. I'd wager a lot of people have moved on with their lives but were made better people through playing Mafia and being a part of this welcoming community, and at least had a great time! The game lives on somewhere, if not in this community then in new ones
  15. Five pieces of coal, a carrot and a scarf are lying on the lawn. Nobody put them on the lawn, but there is a perfectly logical reason for their being there. What is it?

    A man runs a mile south, a mile west, and a mile north... and ends up back where he started! How did it happen? But the real riddle is... There are actually an infinite number of answers for where the man could have started from.Explain.
  17. Dividing the gems

    Priceless Gems *** There are two different gemstones in the realm. Haxite, which is a deep red gem, and aquadium, a jewel of many beautiful blues and some green, which is worth 3x more than haxite. This week the miners have been mining special ore carts for the three princes of the realm, and the princes are equal, thus they must all receive exactly the same worth in their ore cart. The Chief-Miner oversaw the operation, rubbing his haxite necklace for good luck. At the end of the last day, the miners got 14 aquadium crystals and 26 haxite chunks. "How should we distribute them?" the Sub-Chief-Miner asked. "That's easy!" laughed the Chief-Miner. "Split both gems' numbers in three and fill up the ore carts! And quickly, the princes come at dawn tomorrow!" "But neither gem amount is divisible by three..." the Sub-Chief-Miner complained, but the Chief-Miner would hear none of it. He also ordered that ALL the gems that were mined MUST be used. The Sub-Chief-Miner sighed and returned to the men- but then he got an idea. The next dawn the princes came to see each ore cart had the same wealth. How did they split up equal worth into all three ore carts? *** Try before you look at my spoiler, it's not that hard
  18. Three Light Bulbs

    You are in a closed off room, completely bare, with one windowless door to an adjacent room. There is no way to see light of the second room. There are three light switches on the wall in your room. They correspond to three standard light bulbs in the second room. You can flick any of the light switches any way you want. Then you walk into the second room and you have to know which light switch corresponds to which light bulb. How do you do it?
  19. was just wondering what was wrong earlier today or what you were updating or whatever?
  20. Newbies Guide to Mafia

    It still humbles me to this day that bringing the simple game of mafia to Brainden has spawned such a dynamic, devoted community (and ring of associated websites) of intelligent players. Keep on innovating and having fun And don't forget to go outside! haha
  21. I agree with pretty much everything been said so far, especially itachi's recommendations, though I'd like to add... A SCANNER DARKLY (some of the most intelligent/witty dialogue i've ever seen... and VERY cool animation style... and a killer story based on an awesome book by Philip K Dick) SPIRITED AWAY (complex and interesting) MOON (very psychological...smart and all twisty-like) THE DEPARTED (my favorite crime drama...so good...)
  22. What's your favorite intellectual activity?

    Writing - nothing else is so basic and expressive except drawing, which is less intellectual though. So I would have to say writing. The way meaningless symbols can be fused into meaning is beautiful
  23. Marijuana Discussion

    Yes at your age I had somewhat similar views and thought they would never change; this is characteristic of views held out of ignorance of the reality, instead of actual experience with an issue. Just keep an open mind and an open heart and you'll find your own path
  24. Happy New Year!

    2011 was great but 2012 is going to rock some socks people! So much positive things are going to happen for the world in this year, I have a feeling anyway. Evolution & Revolution. People are rising up against corrupt governments, in America and abroad. The internet has made us more connected than ever before but we must also be sure to not let it disconnect us from those people & things that truly matter.
  25. Marijuana Discussion

    All valid points... you are very smart... thank you for admitting it doesn't make people go crazy (quite the opposite). However, I do have a couple bones to pick. About the medical thing, the system is nearly a joke. At least where I live in Ann Arbor, pretty much anyone can get a card if they shell out like 200 bucks to a corrupt doctor. I know it's even easier in Cali. But that's more a reflection on our bloated health care system. Now, about addiction, also valid - it irks me when super pro-weed people say it's "not addictive" and "it's totally safe". Well, no: it's not safe for your lungs if you smoke it. Otherwise it is safe. So if you ingest it orally or vaporize it, it is indeed 'totally safe' as far as we know, and there is extensive research. And it's true that it's not chemically addictive like cocaine, alcohol or tobacco - however it does make you feel good and anything that makes you feel good can be psychologically addictive and harmful to your life if you let it take over from other well-rounded activities. People can be addicted in this manner to all kinds of things, from Food to TV to video games to Brainden for that matter. Including weed. It is not a chemically fueled addiction like coke, but more of a socially fueled addiction - "all my friends smoke so I do" sort of thing. It's about how you spend your time, & what you think really matters in life. So addiction is a complex topic. There is a small minority of marijuana users who smoke constantly and let it consume their life and may stop them from doing other things - this I would call addiction, however it is psychological, not chemical. They have other problems and if not for weed they would find something else to fill some void in their life. Now the majority of users only use in certain occasions and for certain mentally-healthy reasons. Weed is very safe if used properly and believe it or not, most people do. Ohh the gateway drug argument. This is complex too but generally not true, for the following reasons: (1) people who want to do drugs are going to do them. Usually the first one they get their hands on, is the easiest one to find: marijuana. Hence the gateway illusion. But soon enough if they want to hard drugs they go there. But the vast rest of users stay with marijuana and occasional psychedelic use. That is the lifestyle they choose to live and it doesn't affect you. (2) it is no "A-OK". If you're a parent do you drink alcohol in front of your kid? This is a thousand times worse (for body, mind). Yet it is socially acceptable. Ultimately it just depends on the type of person. There is a rare case where someone is goaded, through acceptance of weed, into taking harder drugs and becoming addicted to them. I've actually seen this happen, more than once. But a hundred times more often than that I know those who never moved past weed because they don't want to. It's all about who you are and what you want to do.... saying "if you try weed it opens up all other drugs" is ignorant of the fact that most people trying it really aren't so stupid that they don't realize there's a difference between, say, weed and heroin. Because the difference from caffeine to weed is incredibly smaller than the difference from weed to heroin. It's a similar situation. After trying a cup of coffee you're not about to magically 'gateway' into rolling up a spliff, and rolling up a spliff you're not about to magically 'gateway' into shooting meth into your eyeballs. Also, regarding the whole gateway thing, the whole point of legalizing it, is to separate weed from the rest of drugs. Nowadays, your teenage kids will go to their drug dealer to buy their weed (Don't be naive, your kid probably has smoked). Their dealer is likely to have other drugs or be connected to other dealers who have other, harder drugs. This is the source of gateway-fearmongering. If weed were legal, your kids would buy it at your local head shop or gas station. And never meet dealers and gang criminals in the first place, never even have the chance of coming into contact with harder drugs. Legalization SOLVES the gateway problem don't you see? I could go on about other reasons to legalize but I don't want to drift away from addressing the points you brought up Anyway have a happy 2012!