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  1. Seven years later, still pinned baby! Had a bit of a nostalgia moment for those mafia days
  2. @flamebirde I came back on today and saw this. I'm still alive, and hear you loud and clear. I'd wager a lot of people have moved on with their lives but were made better people through playing Mafia and being a part of this welcoming community, and at least had a great time! The game lives on somewhere, if not in this community then in new ones
  3. It still humbles me to this day that bringing the simple game of mafia to Brainden has spawned such a dynamic, devoted community (and ring of associated websites) of intelligent players. Keep on innovating and having fun And don't forget to go outside! haha
  4. I agree with pretty much everything been said so far, especially itachi's recommendations, though I'd like to add... A SCANNER DARKLY (some of the most intelligent/witty dialogue i've ever seen... and VERY cool animation style... and a killer story based on an awesome book by Philip K Dick) SPIRITED AWAY (complex and interesting) MOON (very psychological...smart and all twisty-like) THE DEPARTED (my favorite crime drama...so good...)
  5. Writing - nothing else is so basic and expressive except drawing, which is less intellectual though. So I would have to say writing. The way meaningless symbols can be fused into meaning is beautiful
  6. Yes at your age I had somewhat similar views and thought they would never change; this is characteristic of views held out of ignorance of the reality, instead of actual experience with an issue. Just keep an open mind and an open heart and you'll find your own path
  7. 2011 was great but 2012 is going to rock some socks people! So much positive things are going to happen for the world in this year, I have a feeling anyway. Evolution & Revolution. People are rising up against corrupt governments, in America and abroad. The internet has made us more connected than ever before but we must also be sure to not let it disconnect us from those people & things that truly matter.
  8. All valid points... you are very smart... thank you for admitting it doesn't make people go crazy (quite the opposite). However, I do have a couple bones to pick. About the medical thing, the system is nearly a joke. At least where I live in Ann Arbor, pretty much anyone can get a card if they shell out like 200 bucks to a corrupt doctor. I know it's even easier in Cali. But that's more a reflection on our bloated health care system. Now, about addiction, also valid - it irks me when super pro-weed people say it's "not addictive" and "it's totally safe". Well, no: it's not safe for your lun
  9. This shouldn't even be debated anymore: Legalize it. Get thousands of innocent people out of jail. End the insanity that is the War on Drugs. Billions of taxpayer dollars are yearly thrown into COMPLETELY FAILED attempts to stop peaceful hippie kids from smoking herbs; meanwhile the CIA sells guns and drugs in third world countries.
  10. itachi! Long time no see, what's up man Haven't been on brainden in forever it seems but this topic opened a potentially interesting can of worms so we'll see. Also, haven't forgotten the untitled PHOENIX project ;D I did get that writers guild thing in the mail last year. & From what you're saying it sounds like you're gonna be voting for Ron paul 2012
  11. Those who don't make an attempt to change things will be eternally stuck in their rut (or until someone else changes it for them). I admit it is almost certainly futile. That doesn't make it less important. But I also don't really think about politics THAT much on a daily basis so I feel where you're coming from
  12. umm kinda is Oh politics is a rich white man's game of rampant unchecked corruption and greed, leading (whether intentionally like some conspiracy theorists probably falsely believe, or more realistically, unintentionally, via apathy and avarice) to a cabalistic control group and an overbloated overcomplicated economy of waste based on horrific ideals of innocent consumers who have fallen in line with the corporate washout of the uniqueness and active spirit that originally defined the revolutions and foundings of great new nations.... which have fallen into total political despair
  13. unreality

    how is this project going?
  14. Fort Redsea at night resembles a dark stone cube-shaped extension of the cliffside, hugging the jagged precipice like some kind of half-natural half-artificial overhang. Covered in winding staircases of stone and jutting buttresses carved from solid cliff rock, and topped with an enormous obilisk with an enormous glowing sphere of some kind of bright blue phosphorescent hovering over the top, acting as a lighthouse for ships navigating the narrow stormy straits just past Fort Redsea, between the cliffs and the smattering of rocky isles across the whitecapped channel. The salty ocean water, lit
  15. It would be easier to just show.......... I don't feel like it now though, I want someone else it start it off (maybe Omega should) and then I'll jump in with something edit: also give us some geography for your world. What is it like, what is the general terrain for this part of the civilized world? What kind of resources are available, what's the political situation like, etc?
  16. Ooh yea maybe this plane is in the process of colliding with some kind of surreal alien plane and there are rifts and portals opening up everywhere being all weird lol
  17. nice, when does this venture begin?
  18. Yes in fact the forum setting is perfect for that, with maybe occasional planned chat sessions (on the BD chatboard for instance, or one of various shoutboxes or IRC settings). Anyway I don't even need to start one here now, it's been done! See:
  19. USERNAME: unreality NAME: Djino RACE: sunblooded APPEARANCE: reddish bronze skin, fiery orange spiked back hair, satyr-like hooved feet (legs covered in tannish orange fur), strong tanned muscular upper torso but recently crippled (see Other Info), blazing bright blue eyes like an oasis PROFESSION: see Other Info OTHER INFO: Djino is a member of a nomadic clan of sunblooded, a desert-dwelling race of genie/human hybrid descendants who have made the great desert and surrounding mountains and endless forests their home for millenia. The sunblooded follow a religion known as the Wish which t
  20. unreality


    yep correct score changes: WombatBreath - 10 Quag - 5 MissKitten - 15
  21. unreality


    ?A?OO TITLE - 0 MOANS - 0 POEMS - 0 BLAME - 0 LUNCH - 0 CRUMB - 0 FRONT - 0 BLOOM - 1 APRON - 1 ENVOY - 1 HAVOC - 2 CANOE - 2 SABOT - 2 DAROO - 3 TABOO - 3 YAHOO - 3 WAHOO - 3 WombatBreath - 10 Quag - 10
  22. unreality


    Edit: whoops the formatting got messed up. Anyway yea I had forogtten to check the ?????, i assumed all of them were question marks haha when it was ?A?O?, anyway yea so it's ?A?OO, 10 points each to WB & Quag. And YAHOO and WAHOO both score 3
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