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  1. Seven years later, still pinned baby! Had a bit of a nostalgia moment for those mafia days
  2. @flamebirde I came back on today and saw this. I'm still alive, and hear you loud and clear. I'd wager a lot of people have moved on with their lives but were made better people through playing Mafia and being a part of this welcoming community, and at least had a great time! The game lives on somewhere, if not in this community then in new ones
  3. It still humbles me to this day that bringing the simple game of mafia to Brainden has spawned such a dynamic, devoted community (and ring of associated websites) of intelligent players. Keep on innovating and having fun And don't forget to go outside! haha
  4. I agree with pretty much everything been said so far, especially itachi's recommendations, though I'd like to add... A SCANNER DARKLY (some of the most intelligent/witty dialogue i've ever seen... and VERY cool animation style... and a killer story based on an awesome book by Philip K Dick) SPIRITED AWAY (complex and interesting) MOON (very psychological...smart and all twisty-like) THE DEPARTED (my favorite crime drama...so good...)
  5. Writing - nothing else is so basic and expressive except drawing, which is less intellectual though. So I would have to say writing. The way meaningless symbols can be fused into meaning is beautiful
  6. Yes at your age I had somewhat similar views and thought they would never change; this is characteristic of views held out of ignorance of the reality, instead of actual experience with an issue. Just keep an open mind and an open heart and you'll find your own path
  7. 2011 was great but 2012 is going to rock some socks people! So much positive things are going to happen for the world in this year, I have a feeling anyway. Evolution & Revolution. People are rising up against corrupt governments, in America and abroad. The internet has made us more connected than ever before but we must also be sure to not let it disconnect us from those people & things that truly matter.
  8. All valid points... you are very smart... thank you for admitting it doesn't make people go crazy (quite the opposite). However, I do have a couple bones to pick. About the medical thing, the system is nearly a joke. At least where I live in Ann Arbor, pretty much anyone can get a card if they shell out like 200 bucks to a corrupt doctor. I know it's even easier in Cali. But that's more a reflection on our bloated health care system. Now, about addiction, also valid - it irks me when super pro-weed people say it's "not addictive" and "it's totally safe". Well, no: it's not safe for your lungs if you smoke it. Otherwise it is safe. So if you ingest it orally or vaporize it, it is indeed 'totally safe' as far as we know, and there is extensive research. And it's true that it's not chemically addictive like cocaine, alcohol or tobacco - however it does make you feel good and anything that makes you feel good can be psychologically addictive and harmful to your life if you let it take over from other well-rounded activities. People can be addicted in this manner to all kinds of things, from Food to TV to video games to Brainden for that matter. Including weed. It is not a chemically fueled addiction like coke, but more of a socially fueled addiction - "all my friends smoke so I do" sort of thing. It's about how you spend your time, & what you think really matters in life. So addiction is a complex topic. There is a small minority of marijuana users who smoke constantly and let it consume their life and may stop them from doing other things - this I would call addiction, however it is psychological, not chemical. They have other problems and if not for weed they would find something else to fill some void in their life. Now the majority of users only use in certain occasions and for certain mentally-healthy reasons. Weed is very safe if used properly and believe it or not, most people do. Ohh the gateway drug argument. This is complex too but generally not true, for the following reasons: (1) people who want to do drugs are going to do them. Usually the first one they get their hands on, is the easiest one to find: marijuana. Hence the gateway illusion. But soon enough if they want to hard drugs they go there. But the vast rest of users stay with marijuana and occasional psychedelic use. That is the lifestyle they choose to live and it doesn't affect you. (2) it is no "A-OK". If you're a parent do you drink alcohol in front of your kid? This is a thousand times worse (for body, mind). Yet it is socially acceptable. Ultimately it just depends on the type of person. There is a rare case where someone is goaded, through acceptance of weed, into taking harder drugs and becoming addicted to them. I've actually seen this happen, more than once. But a hundred times more often than that I know those who never moved past weed because they don't want to. It's all about who you are and what you want to do.... saying "if you try weed it opens up all other drugs" is ignorant of the fact that most people trying it really aren't so stupid that they don't realize there's a difference between, say, weed and heroin. Because the difference from caffeine to weed is incredibly smaller than the difference from weed to heroin. It's a similar situation. After trying a cup of coffee you're not about to magically 'gateway' into rolling up a spliff, and rolling up a spliff you're not about to magically 'gateway' into shooting meth into your eyeballs. Also, regarding the whole gateway thing, the whole point of legalizing it, is to separate weed from the rest of drugs. Nowadays, your teenage kids will go to their drug dealer to buy their weed (Don't be naive, your kid probably has smoked). Their dealer is likely to have other drugs or be connected to other dealers who have other, harder drugs. This is the source of gateway-fearmongering. If weed were legal, your kids would buy it at your local head shop or gas station. And never meet dealers and gang criminals in the first place, never even have the chance of coming into contact with harder drugs. Legalization SOLVES the gateway problem don't you see? I could go on about other reasons to legalize but I don't want to drift away from addressing the points you brought up Anyway have a happy 2012!
  9. This shouldn't even be debated anymore: Legalize it. Get thousands of innocent people out of jail. End the insanity that is the War on Drugs. Billions of taxpayer dollars are yearly thrown into COMPLETELY FAILED attempts to stop peaceful hippie kids from smoking herbs; meanwhile the CIA sells guns and drugs in third world countries.
  10. itachi! Long time no see, what's up man Haven't been on brainden in forever it seems but this topic opened a potentially interesting can of worms so we'll see. Also, haven't forgotten the untitled PHOENIX project ;D I did get that writers guild thing in the mail last year. & From what you're saying it sounds like you're gonna be voting for Ron paul 2012
  11. Those who don't make an attempt to change things will be eternally stuck in their rut (or until someone else changes it for them). I admit it is almost certainly futile. That doesn't make it less important. But I also don't really think about politics THAT much on a daily basis so I feel where you're coming from
  12. umm kinda is Oh politics is a rich white man's game of rampant unchecked corruption and greed, leading (whether intentionally like some conspiracy theorists probably falsely believe, or more realistically, unintentionally, via apathy and avarice) to a cabalistic control group and an overbloated overcomplicated economy of waste based on horrific ideals of innocent consumers who have fallen in line with the corporate washout of the uniqueness and active spirit that originally defined the revolutions and foundings of great new nations.... which have fallen into total political despair nowadays... a bloated bloated bloated government running many bloated bloated systems too arcane and beaurocratic to sway from their bizarre norms in the quest of greater human achievment and most importantly our balance with the rest of nature (we are just 1 species on this planet), overcoming our hedonistic animalistic survivalistic inner natures if we are too live together on such a mass scale as has never been done before by other animals. So yes, I am the first to agree with you and say, F**K POLITICS! Why vote when the electoral college system, complete financially-discriminative shutdown of third party candidates, and god knows what else guarantees your vote to be practically worthless and useless? Essentially, your vote in 'democracy' has been 'bought out' by someone else. It's effectively true. yes that's what happens when money gets involved in poltiics and THAT is what the occupy movement is more or less about. I am part of the Occupy Ann Arbor movement and certainly there are good people there and good ideas and good spirit to change things, though I have been detaching from it lately for reasons of time management but also the movement suffers from the kind of indirection that I don't have the time to take into my own hands and many others don't, but this is the same problem that the entire large-scale Occupy movement also suffers from: this disorganization is both its blessing and its curse. but anyway since you dont' seem interested in actually talking about what you started a thread about i'll just close my case...
  13. unreality

    how is this project going?
  14. Fort Redsea at night resembles a dark stone cube-shaped extension of the cliffside, hugging the jagged precipice like some kind of half-natural half-artificial overhang. Covered in winding staircases of stone and jutting buttresses carved from solid cliff rock, and topped with an enormous obilisk with an enormous glowing sphere of some kind of bright blue phosphorescent hovering over the top, acting as a lighthouse for ships navigating the narrow stormy straits just past Fort Redsea, between the cliffs and the smattering of rocky isles across the whitecapped channel. The salty ocean water, lit by the eerie glow of multiple moons and the deep soft blue of the obilisk, smashes and crashes and flies spitting foam across the rocks at the base of the cliffs. A two-headed sea bird glides past, buffeted by briny winds, shrieking and casting about its piercing nightvision for daring fish. Sentries dressed in the red velvet robes of Fort Redsea, complete with a bronze breastplate, nestle mugs of stimulating berry tea and blink tiredly at the dark waves, pacing back and forth, watching for pirates and other scourges of the coast. What happens next, however, is completely unexpected by any of them. Two things, independent but nearly simultaneous - their arrival a coincidence perhaps, or more? Djino, armed with a magically expansive backpack picked up in the alpine village, with a dwindling supply of food and necessities, and a small cashbag of official credits, arrives at the land-side entrance to the fort, battered by cold coastal winds and shrouded by an overcast night. There is a small building on top of the cliff, guarded by a sentry. Djino explains his business and hands the sentry a note he brought from the alpine village. The deal was, in payment for carrying this message, the Fort is to let Djino rest for a few days before continuing south down the coast toward the major harbor cities. The sentry heads inside for a while, comes back out, and takes Djino into the stone top-building, which features an entry way, a small armory, and a guarded staircase descending into the cliff and emerging into the actual Fort which hangs halfway down the cliffside. They emerge onto the main outer platform, overlooking the archipelago below, and that's when Djino's outlook on life forever changes. There is a massive burst of nuclear light from in front of them, so bright and sudden it explodes throughout the entire sky, turning the dark atmosphere temporarily to light. Blue sky and clouds drift by overhead. Then everything flickers purple and all the light in the world seems to suck back into the epicenter of this phenomenon, which expels outward again after concentrating, expiring itself but leaving something very large behind, falling through some kind of roughly slashed tear in the very fabric of the universe. The creature is enormous, with slimy tar-black skin, like a massive scaled-up panther but covered in goo and dark fishy scales instead of fur. The head is also very very long with a snout bristling with sharp teeth. Gills flail on the neck, and the claws are long and webbed. The front legs are winged with large sea-web style wings folding back along its sides. The enormous monster hurls itself against the rocks with a fierce animalistic cry before collapsing and twisting in midair, splashing into the ocean. During all this, massive chunks of Fort Redsea have fallen into the water, and the cliff is still rumbling in the aftershock. The mysterious beast, still flailing below, trying to reach deeper water. Finally everything settles into quietude and the creature is gone. Then, a couple minutes later and without water, the beast lunges out of the sea and swipes the Fort with a massive claw. Boulders rain down around Djino, who is now running as fast as his wounded body can handle. He can feel his tendons tearing as he leaps off the falling structure and into a tiny crack in the cliffside. Huddling next to some kind of bird nest complete with spotted eggs, shivering from the splashing seawter, Djino watches the fort collapse into the ocean, shattering on the rocks below into a pile of bloody crumbled architecture. He watches the beast sift through the rubble for hours, snacking on dead sentries, before turning away and gliding into the waters. Finally Djino climbs his way back up and camps in a nearby dune forest, interspacial rifts filling his nightmares. The world is changing quickly, and Djino is more alone than he's ever been in his entire life, his entire worldview already pulled out beneath him, and now this.
  15. It would be easier to just show.......... I don't feel like it now though, I want someone else it start it off (maybe Omega should) and then I'll jump in with something edit: also give us some geography for your world. What is it like, what is the general terrain for this part of the civilized world? What kind of resources are available, what's the political situation like, etc?
  16. Ooh yea maybe this plane is in the process of colliding with some kind of surreal alien plane and there are rifts and portals opening up everywhere being all weird lol
  17. nice, when does this venture begin?
  18. Yes in fact the forum setting is perfect for that, with maybe occasional planned chat sessions (on the BD chatboard for instance, or one of various shoutboxes or IRC settings). Anyway I don't even need to start one here now, it's been done! See:
  19. USERNAME: unreality NAME: Djino RACE: sunblooded APPEARANCE: reddish bronze skin, fiery orange spiked back hair, satyr-like hooved feet (legs covered in tannish orange fur), strong tanned muscular upper torso but recently crippled (see Other Info), blazing bright blue eyes like an oasis PROFESSION: see Other Info OTHER INFO: Djino is a member of a nomadic clan of sunblooded, a desert-dwelling race of genie/human hybrid descendants who have made the great desert and surrounding mountains and endless forests their home for millenia. The sunblooded follow a religion known as the Wish which teaches that any sunblooded are descendants of wish-granting superior genie gods which gives them the right to violently massacre any other creature if needed, and that everything is placed on the planet for the ultimate purpose of aiding the sunblooded to their ultimate goal: acquiring the werewithal for, and carrying out, the building of huge skyships that can fly into the Sun, which is the emblem of their people and their equivalent of heaven or ultimate paradise. The Sun is the lifegiver and lifetaker. How else would a desert nomad people describe the big hot glowing orb in the sky?However, Djino is different. Previously a devout and dedicated warrior in a relatively powerful and revered sunblooded clan, he recently accidentally ate some kind of oasis lichen and received a prophetic vision from an even higher power than the Sun, a god known calling itself selacSagemO. Caught up by revelation of the connectedness of all life, Djino brought his teachings back to the sunblooded society, and needless to say, they were not received well by the general populace, or anyone for that matter. Djino barely escaped the desert with his life, become heavily wounded in the process. Losing blood quickly, slashed in the arms and torso, battered in the legs, he wandered as his life force slipped away. Eventually he made his way up a mountain slope and crashed in a tiny snowbound alpine village on the other side of the great desert's rain shadow. He woke up two weeks later after a slow recovery, filled with my many exotic dreams and half-lucid awakenings, only to slip back under the weather. Lucky to be alive, he thanked the townsfolk and accepted the small parting gift of food and supplies they had to offer, and set off toward the nearest major city, where the townsfolk said a temple was to be found, and there he may find the answers he's looking for regarding selacSagemO edit: to clarify: Djino can walk, but his legs are heavily bruised and his joints scarred, he can no longer run long distances on his hooves like the sunblooded normally can. No longer can he jump long distances either. His torso has been repaired and his guts aren't spilling out or anything, but his immune system has been deeply weakened and he has a lot of nerve damage in his arms, mostly the right arm, which reduces their dexterity immensely. He still has the muscle memory of all the complex combat maneuvres he used to know, but can no longer carry them out with tactical precision. He would be a good teacher though for future warriors. The road to healing will be long & harsh, and maybe one day he will be adept at combat again but he will never reach the physical highs of his past machismo. The road to mental healing is equally painful, recovering from a half-lifetime of sunblooded teachings and mindsets and trying to fit into a somewhat more peaceful society (since even the bloody society of a fantasy medieval world is probably more peaceful than a nomadic desert society that believes every other race has been put there to support their survival & religious goals)
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    yep correct score changes: WombatBreath - 10 Quag - 5 MissKitten - 15
  21. unreality


    ?A?OO TITLE - 0 MOANS - 0 POEMS - 0 BLAME - 0 LUNCH - 0 CRUMB - 0 FRONT - 0 BLOOM - 1 APRON - 1 ENVOY - 1 HAVOC - 2 CANOE - 2 SABOT - 2 DAROO - 3 TABOO - 3 YAHOO - 3 WAHOO - 3 WombatBreath - 10 Quag - 10
  22. unreality


    Edit: whoops the formatting got messed up. Anyway yea I had forogtten to check the ?????, i assumed all of them were question marks haha when it was ?A?O?, anyway yea so it's ?A?OO, 10 points each to WB & Quag. And YAHOO and WAHOO both score 3
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