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    Treasure Hunt

    it's pretty simple you will see after witnessing a game
  2. unreality

    Treasure Hunt

    worth a shot eh? And I think we're stagnating here, we can just play with who we have already amirite?
  3. unreality

    I wrapped it in tags
  4. unreality


    he will at some POINT
  5. unreality

    Treasure Hunt

    (1) unreality (2) shadow7 (3) (4) (5) (6)
  6. correct this is "linguistic logic" which as far as I know is not legal. Logically, without looking at a dictionary, it could've been "crst" or something if such a word existed. So curr3nt +15, molly +10, unreality +17
  7. unreality

    Treasure Hunt

    so........... signup! (1) unreality (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
  8. [C] [ ] [ ] [T] HIRE = 0 FIRE = 0 HARE = 0 HIVE = 0 HARK = 0 CARE = 1 HERE = 0 FINE = 0 HART = 1 LOSS = 1 EDIT = 1 BLED = 0 BUST = 2 AUTO = 0 FOOL = 0 curr3nt +10
  9. [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] HIRE = 0 FIRE = 0 HARE = 0 HIVE = 0 HARK = 0
  10. unreality

    Treasure Hunt

    you did but no biggie Yep, the territories. The island is divided into slices or somehow elsewise split equally (with the chests and the special center spot, outside of everyone's territories)
  11. all of the above. I also canoe & kayak when I can. are you into that stuff?

  12. Once again you are too optimistic. With no institution to preserve the national parks like Yellowstone (with force yes), rich companies will buy the land and use it for their own purposes and that company may be a logging company, maybe a housing developer, a strip mall marketer, whatever... you can bet it won't have the ecosystem/natural beauty's best interests in mind Even if good people control these territories for a certain amount of time they will eventually be attacked by other municipalities or corporations, or bought out more peacefully, and that only needs to happen once to a pristine forest and it's already over. You can't really bring that back.
  13. unreality

    Welfare isn't just cash money right? it has to be used toward food and such. And everyone needs to eat. It's not fueling a drug habit (unless in a roundabout way because now they have more of their own money to spend on drugs but the whole point is that they don't have much of that anyway. They need the help they can get from the state until they get back on their feet. The ironic thing is that most of these people are alcoholics, not other drugs)
  14. yea :) i try to at least. Sky, water, sun, it's all awesome. Any kind of boat is a good time!

  15. it's been real warm lately (boating weather!)

  16. unreality

    Treasure Hunt

    then it seems we need some more players!
  17. since poop=1 and roll=0, it's not the first O from poop, it's the p or one of the 'op' Now since roll=0 and boar=1, it's not the O from boar, it's the b or one of the 'ar'. now since year=1 and fear=1, the 1 can't come from both the Y and the F, so it came from neither, so either that E, A or R is correct. Leaving two possibilities: it's the B from Boar and the E from year/fear, OR, it's in the 'AR' ending. So I'm going to ask BEAR. If BEAR=2, then by the logic above, "B" and "E" are the first two letters. However, if BEAR=0, then "O" is the second letter. And if BEAR=1, then the second letter is certainly not E or O, meaning the 1 comes from the A or the R. By then, though, theCube's "BEER" will have been scored, so in this case, that score is needed like so: if BEER=1, the last letter is "R". If BEER=0 then the second-to-last letter is A. Again, the BEER only comes into play if BEAR=1. So, summary: (BEAR=2) (B, E, are first two letters) (BEAR=0) (O is second letter) (BEAR=1 and BEER=1) (last letter is R) (BEAR=1 and BEER=0) (penultimate letter is A)
  18. unreality

    Treasure Hunt

    Yep one chest is your chest; you drop a gem into it as you go past it as if it were any other square; however if you encounter an opponent's chest, you skip over it as if there was nothing there. If your last piece of the turn ends up dropping into your chest, you get to go again (i.e. pick up any other pile on the board and keep it going). You can never pick up gems out of your chest (or anyone's for that matter). Well the idea of having it "wrap around" pacman-style would be that as you go "off the top" you come back around "up into the bottom" in the same column, with similar scenarios for horizontal (or even diagonal) travel. An alternate way of handling the borders (since normal mancala isn't fundamentally 2d and doesn't have this issue) would be that when you hit an end, you can choose to rotate left or right 90 degrees and keep going in that direction. That might even work better actually. I'm thinking we could restrict it to horizontal/vertical movement the first game (no diagonal) and have that wall-bounce rule. Maybe an additional thing later on could be a special spiral path you could also choose to use as your direction (instead of L/R/U/D) that starts from the outside and spirals to the center (or vice versa). Here's a different option (hex-style) for 6 players that I just drew up: edit ~ to clarify, I put a compass in the middle for fun, but that would be the "un-possessed space" with tons of gems, under nobody's territory (and you can only pick up to start with piles from your own territory so the only way to pick that one up would be to land on it with your last gem (since when you do that onto a pile, you pick it up and keep going no matter whose territory it is). The six black rectangles arranged around that space would be the chests for the 6 players, and it's easy to see how the other spaces would be divided into 6 territories like slices. Or it could even be a more complex division, or entirely random. Then there are 6 ways to move each turn instead of 4
  19. It's usually sunny, hot, 60s - 80s in temperature, with a lot of thunderstorms that drop the temperature for the next few days and it builds back up again. Sometimes it can be too hot or too humid but I like it. The winters though are really really cold, snowy, bitter, windy and unpredictable lol

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