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    Two doors

    open both doors and hide between the triangle wedge formed by the two open doors. The dragon goes exploring into the room with the magnifying glass and gets his a** fried. You go into the room where the dragon used to be, and escape. Easy peasy.
  2. How was it? I made it up myself and I was like "boo yeah!" then i saw a similar one on some other riddle site, but the other one wasn't as explanatory and not as good. mine's better. lol ;p it's my own, i swear
  3. i'm not sure how the spoiler BBcode works so here goes:
  4. i will use V for square root symbol V(-1) = i V(-2) = 2i V(-500) = 500i so on
  5. You are in a closed off room, completely bare, with one windowless door to an adjacent room. There is no way to see light of the second room. There are three light switches on the wall in your room. They correspond to three standard light bulbs in the second room. You can flick any of the light switches any way you want. Then you walk into the second room and you have to know which light switch corresponds to which light bulb. How do you do it?
  6. unreality

    Dying Cows

    hehe I was just gonna say that
  7. unreality

    The Tree

    so we have to get to tomatoes that dont exist? lol
  8. good one, except i dont think it follows the rules and the croc would eat the baby... in a simpler way, "you will do what you will do" or she couldve just said "1+1=2" but neither of those are okay cuz the croc said "predict what i will do with your baby: will I eat him or give him back?" and if u dont pick either of those he'd probably just eat it i mean she could easily just say "2+2=4" and get the baby back cuz she said the truth, but the croc asked specifically.
  9. yeah, this is no paradox. There isn't just two states: Good and Not-Good. there's a huge range of things that are SortofGood, Okay, Bad. You know what i mean? the "nothing" in the statement "Nothing is better than eternal bliss" doesnt refer to the "lack of anything" it means "eternal bliss is better than everything" so its just another play on words, not a true paradox
  10. this is a classic paradox from Martin Gardner's Book of Paradoxes, which has a ton. anyway, the lady says "You will eat my baby." If the crocodile eats the baby, the lady predicted right, so he has to give it to her. But if he gives it to her, she predicted wrong, so he gets to eat the baby... but then she will have predicted right. An endless cycle. Except it's answered easily: I just said this: "If the crocodile eats the baby, the lady predicted right, so he has to give it to her." So he gives it to her, THEN realizes she predicted wrong. by that time, though, she's running away with the baby, and there's nothing the croc can do. that's not what Martin Gardner wrote, but thats how i think of it
  11. a much simpler liars paradox: "This statement is a lie" if its telling the truth then its lying if its lying then its telling the truth Paradox.
  12. unreality

    The Tree

    does the river ever freeze? though i guess if it was winter, tomatoes wouldnt be growing. you could get dropped off by a helicopter. or tunnel under. i dont even like tomatoes!
  13. 1. They can both exist, easily. It depends which one is made first. A bullet can be made that can pierce through anything.. that exists of course. Then bullet proof armor is invented that can now resist everything. Or the bullet can be invented second. Whatever. What they can pierce/deflect would be determined when they were made. The SEARS tower was the tallest building in the world. We called it that. Then someone else built a taller one. 2. well u could drown, then be reawakened by the fountain, right? 3. "the" could refer to a different mission... it will be a true paradox if they change "the mission" to "this mission" 4. well if every time u go back in time, it creates a parallel universe, ALL time paradoxes are solved. because ppl dont realize time traveling backwards creates millions of paradoxes similar to that, just at an atomic and subatomic level. creating a new "branching universe" every time u go backwards solves all that 5. twice as cold doesnt exist, u have to make it half as hot. which would be still 0. thats not really a paradox 6. thats a great paradox! 7. i dont think anybody knows 8. thats not even a frikkin paradox... i dont get it.
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