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  1. Happy Birthday!!!

    Enjoy and Have A GR8 Year Ahead!!! :D :D :D

  2. hey! guys you can find me at mafia maniac with the username angel!!! (i felt like changing my name) :P

  3. the magical disappearing, reappearing dee!

  4. Thanx to all who gave this one a shot.
  5. quote name='EDM' date='13 November 2010 - 01:24 PM' timestamp='1289672685' post='253219']
  6. nice guess EDM. you always have such good ones. alas, this is not along the path i am going.
  7. good guess EDM. not on the right track, though. keep guessing though!
  8. Thanx for the warm welcome!!! **bigg huggs** ive missed you all. i am happy to be back!
  9. He skins the apple So maticoulusly Counting the slices One, two, three Over and over His blade licks Counting the slices Four, five, six Now this apple Is looking mighty fine But he continues to slice Seven, eight, nine Finally the apple Is skinned and done But he picks another And starts counting from one
  10. congrats to thalia and thanx to all for playing along! try to be back soon with another!
  11. sorry Qesh. not where i was going with this one, but nice guess. hey there dragon! yea its been a long time. one of your answers is in the actual answer. but alone, neither is right. hello thalia. while your answer alone is not right, your explination of your answer holds the correct one, so i'll award it to you. congrats!
  12. hey rainthinker. thanx for starting this one off. awesome guess!! i see the parallel here between the ring and rings. unfortunately that's not what i had in mind for this particular riddle. but don't give up hope! the answer is out there. please keep trying.
  13. finally crawled out from the rock ive been hiding under. too much craziness

    1. deannaart


      back to riddle it up fellow riddle zombies! hope everyone still enjoys this new metaphor riddle. hello to all. great to see so many familiar friends and new faces too. well hav fun. happy riddling!

  14. Shiny, sparkling, celestial ring To you my heart does sing Oh so curious at to What in heaven are you? Emerald, ruby, diamond maybe? I sing your song daily I think maybe ill try To give you a buy But alas- out of my range The sorrow is so strange So shine on sparkling ring Upon your pedestal i sing Ill be sure to look at you Every time i pass through Wondering how far From reach you are hello all. its been a while since ive been on. but true to form this is one of my standard metaphor riddles. to bust the riddle, you have to find the metaphor of what im writing about. as always, have fun, and happy riddling!!!

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