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  1. Well I will sort of equalize. After all, Imp didn't help me out! Bad boy. Roster: 1) Brandonb 2) dawh - voting for Impervious 3) grey cells - voting for Impervious 4) IDNE- Voting for IDNE 5) Impervious - voting for Impervious 6) Kat 7) Prof. Templeton 8) SomeGuy - voting for IDNE 9) star tiger - voting for Bb 10) Y-San - voting for IDNE
  2. Sorry guys!I couldn't vote last night owing to a temporary power shutdown. Won't happen again.
  3. grey cells

    I still have to finish Grow Island. I am not playing it now as I am sure to put in at least a couple of hours(could be more, it's that addicting ) and I cannot afford that right now.
  4. grey cells

    India on the verge of a historical series win in NZ. Swell, isn't it? And hey! why did you guys push it into the second page. That's not where it belongs.
  5. grey cells

    Are you sure you didn't save it for sending it later? I have done that many times, especially in Itachi's games. Rir/Drakone, don't fret. I am on Puck's trail.
  6. grey cells

    Sooo true. One of my frequent excuses is: sharpening my mind...well as long as I was involved with New puzzles at least. And yeah! I have reached a new level of procrastination, never before seen by my family.
  7. Sorry that I couldn't participate more actively in Matrix II. College's been tight of late and participating as an inactively active player won't do any good for anyone. And I won't personally enjoy it(as I didn't in Matrix II due to my inability to contribute much substance), so hope you guys have a great Matrix III.
  8. The only problems with that vote are: 1. I was sleeping tight at that precise moment, 2. Although I could have been sleepwalking, there is no hint of my post anywhere near your post, and 3. I didn't put in that vote. So IDNE, what was that about? A secret condition for lynching Bb? You agents have to include a Freed Human's vote without his knowledge for lynching Bb right?
  9. So you are claiming to be Agent Johnson? Are you allowed to check on your fellow agent? Just thought of having all the fun, before it's too late.
  10. grey cells

    I too was fooled by those 2 blocks at the beginning and then I decided to try out different combinations.
  11. Umm.. Sorry to dampen the spirits but I don't think Itachi would give anything away in his ghost post. Any chance IDNE could be Agent Jones? And Yeah, I am obsessed over that particular agent.
  12. grey cells

    Yeah similar but yet different. Cricket is an art as much as it is a sport. Elegance is one of the qualities cricket has, which is lacking in baseball I think.
  13. Sorry that Itachi couldn't defend himself much, but yeah! at least we got a baddie. I would have been have much happier if we had got Smith though. I think it's time for Neo to act!
  14. I see the day has ended, I may have put my vote for Izzy to equalize(though you never know with those secret votes). I am leaning towards both of them being baddies though, let's see. And we shouldn't have forced JS. See JS, I actually trusted you and I hope I am right.
  15. Looks the baddies are enjoying this day. I am inclined to believe that JS may be a human, probably he made some deductions that led him to the conclusion that Izzy was the Frenchman. Later he could have realized a false link in his theory and he informed this to us. I am not sure he is a human, but only innocents try to find out a role and post it on topic. I am believing JS for the time being as I have done the same mistake more than once. Hopefully the day post will reveal more. And these RID's! Three deaths a single day? And I would still like to know what Jones was doing for
  16. The absence of Jones for 2 nights in a row. Can it be a coincidence? Or is Imp Jones and was firewalled the first night and kidnapped by Apoc last night? Andro could also be an agent; defending Imp. Or she could be Jones. I am going along with Imp, looks like a safe bet. 1 - andromeda 2 - Voltage 3 - Jarze - Killed by Agent Smith 4 - Prof. T 5 - IDoNotExist 6 - Joe's Student 7 - Star Tiger - Killed by Twin #2 8 - Crazy Painter voting for Itachi 9 - Renan - voting for Brandonb 10 - Riranor 11 - Randro 12 - Grey Cells - voting for Impervious 13 - Impervious - voting for IDNE 14
  17. First off, I think Brown used his secret ability of diverting a player/role. Last game, I think Thompson had that ability and the diversion was sent to a random player. For instance, Player A(known by agents) was randomly diverted to player B(unknown by agenys). I doubt Brown can choose the revised target. LIS has tweaked the secret abilities a fair bit, so we cannot say for sure.
  18. Hey! When did you reach 3000! Happy 3K!:D But you do know that have slowed down considerably, don't you?:P

  19. Feeling slightly uncomfortable about this night, :waits anxiously for night post:. And good work Apoc! I was wondering when you get into action. I suspect CPB was right about the 5/6 success chances but still we never might know.
  20. Take no offense AI! We might have used some oh-not-so-nice words describing you in the BTSC forum(definitely not abusive), but we still enjoyed playing you. Thanks for providing that twist!
  21. grey cells

    Just completed it. A sort of mini-grow but still addicting.
  22. C'mon CPB! I am a goodie, you know that. And if Imp was not firewalled, he can be a few other roles or with a secret ability. But he should have been at least asked about that? And yeah, remember the RID folks!
  23. What I cannot believe is nobody asked Impy about that. I know a few who would have found this out almost instantly, so maybe.... And about PT, couldn't he have voted for IDNE and asked Brown to nullify one of the other votes or his vote for IDNE? That would mean Reay got 5 and IDNE got 4. Not saying PT is an agent, but he could be.
  24. ...he could not be found?" Was Impy asked about this? If not we could have our Agent Smith, I guess. Hiding behind the firewall? Or more probable he could be Agent Jones, as he wasn't mentioned in the night post. EDIT: How did we miss that? Naughty boy, Imp! Starting the voting to throw suspicioin off you.
  25. Yeah! Like why they killed RMZ, Nestor's block being a couple.
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