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  1. Sorry! Confused it with something else. So should we vote for Kat2? But then Bb will get a definite kill tonight then.
  2. But a tie means no sacrifice, right? We could but what do we do at night? With 2 killing roles and a boosting one? With Nestor put away, we at least have a decent chance of surviving the night, which is 50%. Unless Diomedes has a secret ability which we don't know about(the 2 kills a night thing wouldn't be permanent now would it). Is Diomedes' secret ability that he increases his chance of a kill to 100% once he makes a successful kill. That would explain his double kill last night(with Nestor doubling his kill ability?).
  3. AI, you will obviously want a plea... 1) SomeGuy [Monster] -DEAD 2) Impervious [Olympian] -DEAD 3) LIS - DEAD 4) GC [Monster] - voting for Riranor 5) Prof. T -DEAD 6) dawh -DEAD 7) Kat [Human] -DEAD 8) Bb - voting for SG2 9) RMZ -DEAD 10) ST -DEAD 11) Artificial I 12) Riranor 13) Impervious2 voting for - Riranor 14) SG2 voting for - Riranor 15) twin bro 16) IDNE -DEAD 17) Kat2 - voting for SG2
  4. We can get you stuck but how can we get Kat2 or Bb stuck at the same time? Anyway I will vote for Riranor now, Nestor is proving to be a nuisance. Last night we expected they would go at random(like we did) but we couldn't have done much anyway.
  5. That sounds good. But I think we can recruit only 3 Independents per game, alive or not. Anyways Itachi could confirm it. EDIT: There goes Hermes
  6. EDIT: Damn double post
  7. Meaning stuck on the surface? Or killing one of them? I though I had a plan which might work but for that all of us have to move to the surface. But it's just not possible. And it sounds crazy, too good to be true.
  8. EDIT: Doible post. It's time we do something different, very different. Otherwise with Bb's guesses we will not be getting anywhere.
  9. Itachi has made it clear that we cannot get Hermes any longer. We have filled our quota of 3 independents. So Yeah, it's 4 Vs. 4 unless we can persuade AI to act otherwise.
  10. Good-bye PT and IDNE! It's boiled down to 4 Vs. 3 now.
  11. Cannot have me sacrificed today. Should we vote for Kat2 or Riranor or AI? No hurry though, I guess(safe to say that).
  12. What secret ability does that one-handed fiend have?
  13. But Kat is CP. Similar to SG, Kat has replaced CP. Hermes has definitely sent a message to them. But let's not over-complicate things. As it is, it is already complicated.
  14. Looks good for a final list! Turning in for the night, good night guys! EDIT: And something about Bb's non-encrypted message to Hermes smells fishy. Hope it doesn't affect our night.
  15. Yeah! Safest but we may not be able to block a kill. Medusa has targeted CP(Diomedes) for the last few nights, so Bb may guess that. But last night Medusa blocked Hermes, so Bb may more probably guess this action. EDIT
  16. I would say Diomedes. If he attacks TB, there's only a 50% chance of a kill but if Bb targets TB, there's a 100% chance. So probably Bb will look to attack TB and leave Diomedes for me, as both of them have only 50% against me. I am hoping Bb doesn't follow our line of thought and guess that Medusa will target CP; improbable.
  17. Yeah! Let's not risk that. I will anyway get Nestor out of the way. PT saving TB looks like an option, though I have a feeling they are also going to attack at random, i.e. not targeting our killing roles. Hi Imp! Welcome as Argus. EDIT: Finish your school work soon JS and take care not to play on the same side as me in the future.
  18. Saving me would not serve any purpose, is my guess. Bb will anyway guess that and me attacking him. I think that PT should save TB and just hope that the kill on me fails.
  19. Say, how about me going for Rir(Nestor)? Bb wouldn't risk guessing that.
  20. Good to see all of you back in action again. The only problem with me attacking Bb is that he will guess that I am going to attack him, no matter what. And Itachi's reference to the night post makes me think of a secret ability of Bb or it could be as IDNE said(he guessed that Persephone will target him). And SG, isnt there a good chance that Bb may also guess that Medusa will target him? Anyway I think my going for ST(Athena) or Rir(Nestor) could be much more productive for us. Bb's sure to guess that I will come for him. And yay! TB you made your first kill.
  21. Goodbye SG! And hey hi again SG! All the action's over? Not to say of the confusion caused by those Achaeans. Deserves them right.
  22. uh-oh.. is this SG's last night as Siren? I guess the night post's coming up then. Did Charon do something to Hermes? It would have been nice if IDNE was able to kill Hermes.
  23. Right! I don't know if this is the final set of moves. Please confirm your target SG, if you have not already. If we can reduce the chance of preventing Bb from guessing our actions, that would be great.
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