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  1. Good going . I reckon I have to think in a much more complicated way to give you guys a run for your money.
  2. Congrats.Yet again you are right.
  3. CLARIFICATIONS: I will slightly reframe the question , as I can see that there are quite a few answers. I will include 2 more numbers to narrow the field of reasoning. MODIFIED QUESTION: 2,4,5,25,_,_,853, 727609
  4. This is an easy one. Find the 2 missing numbers in the following sequence: 2,4,5,25,_,_ I have one valid answer . If any of you have some other valid answer , please feel free to share it. I will post my answer later.
  5. grey cells

    I do not agree entirely with largeneal.But it is also true that it is not possible for the newcomers to know about the thread being locked for repeated topics.So I have a suggestion. SUGGESTION:If it is possible , the admin can identify the newcomers and allow the thread to run.Only for the first time.From the next time the same rule will apply for them.
  6. Sorry for the delay.Yes what you suggest was in my mind.I know that there is a difference between holding a person underwater and his photo.The expression DROWNING was put there in the puzzle to make it a little bit more complicated. Duh puck, I understand what you are saying.That is the reason I had given a clue(spoiler)[think about HIM]
  7. grey cells

    it is just an imagination.I will imagine that i am free.
  8. congrats , Seventh Sage . Proceed with your first course of thinking.
  9. A husband and wife have been happily married for many years . One not-so-fine day , the wife shoots her husband , drowns him in water and then hangs him. But 20 minutes later, the neighbours see them hand-in-hand , happily going for an evening out. How is this possible??? http://brainden.com/forum/uploads/emoticons/default_wink.png' alt=';)'>
  10. spot on...the doctor is a female and the nurse is a male.
  11. A doctor practicing in a reputed hospital falls madly in love with a nurse.After two years,they marry in a grandiose manner.A child is born to them after a period of time.The catch in the tale is that the doctor is not the father of the child.What is the ONLY possible solution?
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