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  1. Hosting is a difficult job, playing is a easier job. I have always chosen the easier one. No worries, GM. Almost every host has made a small mistake as far as I know.
  2. grey cells

    Ocean 11 Mafia

    I am in! The seagull's first mafia, right? Host: Woon (the seagull) 1.Clozo 2. Limey 3. GMaster479 4. SG 5. Kat 6. Social Darwin 7. Abhisk 8. Crazypainter 9. Derrai 10. GC 11.
  3. Good game Indies, but I don't quite agree. In the present scenario, there are only 2 outcomes possible. One is that the students win or nobody wins, depending on the result of the coin toss tomorrow. The game's finished, so there's no need to go into that but still I just wanted to mention that. And yeah, I knew you would have wasted quite a few RID's on me.
  4. Yeah! Thanks for the fun game GM and scsw. And sorry SD! I used your post about my supposed innocence for my own purposes. It saved me for quite a while. That's why we suspended you that very night, in case you took back that statement. Anyways we would have suspended you the next night, since PT had you down as Jock. It was again bad luck for us baddies. JS stalked PT on night 1 and according to the original RD's, he shouldn't have learned anything. But that changed and he learned everything.
  5. Don't bother Abhisk! I can manage to do that myself.
  6. Hey! Baddies. It is safe to come out now. The SD goodie anyways knows your ID and we are only 2 goodies alive. Limey was clearly a goodie from day 1, and I knew the remaining baddies yesterday. But the remaining goodie decided not to trust me. Well, let the secret duo win. That should be good for Mafia.
  7. Yeah! Right. You guys are baddies who are good at heart. Flattering me will not get you anywhere, vote with me or I am going to curse you. It's a terrible curse. Believe me, you don't want to play with it.
  8. No you are not! Even though you are a goodie this game, you are a baddie at heart. So please vote for Andromeda. Then I will suspend you tonight. How does that appeal to you?
  9. Of course! We are baddies, we are meant to make promises and break them(only in Mafia, not real life ). And anyways I didn't make that promise to you guys. And here I am not making any promises. I am just saying out loud what will happen if we suspend all the students. So there's no promise to break here.
  10. Awww..you are hurting me CPB! Of course I played with integrity, keeping my faction's interests in mind. That's the integrity of the highest order. Breaking the promise was like breaking my heart.
  11. What do you guy say? Let's help each other baddies. Class Roster 1. Clozobozo - lynched and found to be the [Computer geek] 2. Abhisk voting for grey cells 3. Riranor - voting for grey cells 4. underground_dan - suspended by the Hooligans 5. Limey- lynched and found to be the [Class President] 6. RPGBully- suspended by the Hooligans 7. Eeeeep - suspended by the Hooligans 8. Mekal - lynched and found to be the [Goth] 9. Phaze- suspended by the Hooligans 10. Amberrock - lynched and found to be the [Vandal] 11. Kathleen 12. Reaymanator - suspended by the Hooligans 13. andromeda -
  12. RT most probably is a baddie. Host: Mekal Co-host: Brandonb Ship Manifest: 1) Kat - DEAD Lynched, Found to be: Room Cleaner 2) Akaslickster - DEAD Killed by: Prisoners 3) Scsw - DEAD Killed by: Prisoners 4) Limey 5) RainThinker 6) Abhisk 7) GMaster479 8) underground_dan 9) woon - DEAD Killed by:Prisoners 10) crazypainter- DEAD Killed by: Prisoners 11) SG - DEAD Lynched, Found to be: The Framer 12) Marth 13) GC - voting for Rainthinker 14) JS - DEAD lynched, Found to be: The Stage Magician
  13. I should never have asked you that question. Actually there is another ending, I think. I have had this in mind for some time now. But actually do the Hooligans also not win only if they are the last faction standing? So technically I have to be the only one alive for the hooligans to win. Queen Bees, Abhisk and Riranor, please vote for one of the students. Why I am asking you guys to do this is because in 90% of the games the innocents win. In the minority portion, the baddies and the independents only get to win in 10% or less. Andro and Kat can vouch for this(actually they should know t
  14. Sorry CPB and Kat! I suddenly realized that promises should never be made in Mafia and in the rare case that they are made, they should never be carried out. That's why I had to break my promise. And GM can this day be played out for the full 24 hours? I know we have had a long game but this is the day which decides the winners. Please consider extending the day to it's usual 24 hours. Sorry Eeeep, it was on an impulse that I suspended you. But it was also with a reason.
  15. This is the current scenario: 3 innocents, 3 prisoners(with the secret duo baddie) and 1 innocent(secret duo). This is the most probable case. So we have no choice but to lynch a baddie today. Otherwise they will have an overwhelming majority. GM, you should know the ID's of the 3 remaining prisoners. One of them is your partner in the secret duo. So what I am asking for is an ID of a prisoner, not particularly your partner. You can save yourself and your partner that way. Host: Mekal Co-host: Brandonb Ship Manifest: 1) Kat - DEAD Lynched, Found to be: Room Cleaner 2) Akaslickster -
  16. Well I interpreted whatever as being mid-way between yes and no. Sending in my actions now.
  17. Is that a yes or no? I was stressing the solemn nature of my promise. Maybe not...
  18. Firstly, sorry Clozo but I thought you were definitely a baddie after you said you were smart. I was dead sure that you had claimed to be the Smart Blonde. But I was wrong, of course. And CPB you are asking for help from a baddie? How can Riranor be a goodie? He is a queen bee along with Abhisk. 6 alive: 3 students(You, Eeeep and Kat), 1 hooligan(myself) and 2 Queen Bees(Riranor and Abhisk). No, CPB. You guys aren't screwed yet. Since it's alliance time. CPB, Kat and Eeeep please listen me out before ignoring my posts. There are only 3 of you left now, not such a majority, is it?
  19. Firstly good work guys! JS had to be that one baddie role. Prison Guard, that wasn't a nice thing to do. Especially when I am a confirmed innocent. I am not the Stage Magician(JS was) and I cannot be a prisoner, since I have been voting for SG(the Framer) right from day 1. So it is clear that the Prison Guard is a member of the secret duo. If I had acted tonight I could have accomplished much more for the innocents. Doctor/ Nurse, if you are out there it would the innocents a whole lot of help, if you saved me. As I have said above, I am a confirmed innocent. And Prisoners, we have a
  20. Well for one thing, Clozo can either be a Queen bee or even the Rich Kid. How are you guys so sure that Riranor is the rich kid? Even Clozo could be the rich kid. And in addition she has confessed to be a baddie(in fact she's claimed your role), why are we still voting for an unknown factor? And if you have doubts about me, SD knew I was an innocent on or about day 3. SD in turn was a confirmed innocent.
  21. Okay, CPB. I understand, so removing my vote off Eeeep. I also understand that the Rich Kid can take down one of us tonight. But we lose one student, not the game. But if we don't lynch at least 1 of the 2 remaining queen bees, we run the risk of losing the game. With the Rich kid, we know his actions. But with the Queen bees, we don't know what they are doing and how many students they have managed to infatuate so far. If we take down 1 queen bee, we can find out who the other is through the voting patterns. And further more Clozo has admitted to be the queen bee by hinting that she is
  22. Clozo, do you admit to being the Smart Blonde? There's no harm in coming out now. You can safely come out. CPB, Kat if you are there don't start arguing with me. After all, Clozo wants to help us students by outing herself. So Clozo, do you admit to being the Smart Blonde?
  23. Whoa! Sorry GM, then you have to be definitely lynched. You are claiming to be the Secret Duo. Guys, please change your votes to GM, he's claiming to be a goodie who is bad, the secret duo.
  24. grey cells

    Missed out on OO-2(Bad boy, woon! ). Not going to miss out on this one. Players: 1. No1slight 2. GMaster479 3. Giga 4. Abhisk a.k.a. AD 5. underground_dan 6. andromeda 7. GC 8. 9. 10. add more numbers...
  25. Guys, I am 90% sure that Eeeep is one of the 2 remaining queen bees. I can assure you that voting for Eeeep will not harm the students. Eeeep got anything to say about that? Any roles you would like to take? Class Roster 1. Clozobozo - voting for Abhisk 2. Abhisk - voting for Eeeeep 3. Riranor 4. underground_dan - suspended by the Hooligans 5. Limey- lynched and found to be the [Class President] 6. RPGBully- suspended by the Hooligans 7. Eeeeep 8. Mekal - lynched and found to be the [Goth] 9. Phaze- suspended by the Hooligans 10. Amberrock - lynched and found to be the [Vandal]
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