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  1. Sorry CPB, now I will get of your back. Just wanted to be sure. And thanks for the confirmation Kat. Good work School genius and CPB. Sorry to see you go Dan but good thinking. Posting before the night post.
  2. Sorry GM! For one thing it was pretty clear that SG was a baddie. Either a Prisoner or the Magician. Can you be more specific? For example, in which post did SG claim your role? And if so, why didn't you vote for him the next day? Sorry but you sound more and more like a prisoner to me. I understand you are busy with HSM but today's voting is crucial. So it wouldn't harm the goodies any, even if you revealed your role.
  3. But CPB, I don't see how you can be blocked. If Kat blacklists you, she only knows your role. She doesn't block you. In addition, the School genius can predict that the Cheerleader will target you. So sorry, I don't see how you can be blocked. And I didn't start with the intention of beginning a discussion. I just asked Kat to blacklist you, which doesn't harm neither Kat or you. Unless you were a baddie, you shouldn't have any objection to being blacklisted. So what's the problem? Kat, blacklist CPB! I assure you that you will not be infatuated, if CPB is the Blonde. No, please CPB! Do
  4. It's time we started the voting. Sorry to see you go CP, but you could have been the Stage Magician. Through role elimination and the voting patterns, I am almost sure that GM is a prisoner. There's a very slight chance that he could be an innocent. So GM, what do you have to say? Host: Mekal Co-host: Brandonb Ship Manifest: 1) Kat - DEAD Lynched, Found to be: Room Cleaner 2) Akaslickster 3) Scsw - DEAD Killed by: Prisoners 4) Limey 5) RainThinker 6) Abhisk 7) GMaster479 8) underground_dan 9) woon - DEAD Killed by:Prisoners 10) crazypainter- DEAD Killed by: Prisoners 11) SG - D
  5. Thanks Kat! I too think CPB is telling the truth. But with only 5 students in the game, both the SG and Blonde could be dead. We can clear it once and for all.
  6. I was talking about the distraction part. The cheerleader could prevent you from curing Kat. You can still cure her, even though she blacklists you. There's o mention about the block ability in the RD's. Sorry! You cannot be excused. You have to think like me. Firstly it was my bad! I shouldn't have started the discussion during the night time. Let's continue during the day part.
  7. Happy Mafia anniversary, mate!:D Thanks for introducing such a great game. I remember the first Mafia, I received my role and the game was over. So many pleasant and not-so-pleasant memories. :cries: :P

  8. School genius: Now that the bully is gone, you should try protecting the remaining students from the Cheerleader. You could guess that: The cheerleader distracts underground_dan (or) me, Kat and Andro. You definitely have to guess about Kat and Andro(in case she is framed or she is telling the truth).
  9. Andro, you could have just let the VP blacklist you. But for the benefit of the students, I think the VP should still blacklist you. Because I thought you came out with your role too soon. And if you were a student, you would have been careful about coming out during the night. But if you were a Queen Bee, there would be no problem whatsoever in lying about your role. I am not sure you are a Queen bee Andro, but you are becoming more and more suspicious. After all, if you are a student, what would be the harm in letting the VP blacklist you. it's not as if you are about to be lynched. VP: P
  10. Anybody else want to claim this role. Andro, I never really trusted you. Sorry! I wasn't sure then and I am not sure now. Vice-president, I think we should clear this once and for all. What do you guys say? Dan also raised suspicions about Andro earlier, so I think it's a good move for the VP to blacklist her. If she is what she claims to be(I am still not sure about your role Andro), all's good. if she is one of the queen bees and acts, we know. if she chooses not to act, then the VP will not get her role. But still we know. So guys what do you say? And of course, the Smart Blonde sh
  11. Great job guys! 5 students, 1 hooligan and 2 Queen Bees. Sorry, was traveling for the last 2 days. Couldn't participate during the day. As far as I can see, the Hooligans are much less of a threat with the Bully gone. We now have a slightly easier task but we must not take the game lightly either. There are still 2 Queen Bees loitering about and we do not how many they have infatuated. Queen bees, beware!
  12. SG should either be a prisoner or the Stage Magician. Host: Mekal Co-host: Brandonb Ship Manifest: 1) Kat - DEAD Lynched, Found to be: Room Cleaner 2) Akaslickster 3) Scsw - DEAD Killed by: Prisoners 4) Limey 5) RainThinker 6) Abhisk 7) GMaster479 8) underground_dan 9) woon - DEAD Killed by:Prisoners 10) crazypainter voting for underground_dan 11) SG 12) Marth 13) GC - voting for SG 14) JS
  13. Good work guys! I hope it's one of the Queen bees. All 3 of them are still alive; wouldn't mind if it was the bully or rich kid either.
  14. Guys, please take your votes off Kat. Let's apply more pressure on RT.
  15. Okay! That should suffice if it's true. RT what do you say? And does anybody want to refute Kat's claim?
  16. All the best for your exam, JS! Clearly you need more sleep. BTW it would be great if you came back to life in this game.
  17. For starters, how about some hints? Did you act last night? Answer carefully without giving away your role.
  18. Putting in my vote now. We know almost nothing about RT, so good idea dan. Let's put some pressure on him. 1. Clozobozo 2. Abhisk 3. Peace!- probably needs a replacement 4. underground_dan - voting for RainThinker 5. Limey- lynched and found to be the [Class President] 6. RPGBully- suspended by the Hooligans 7. Eeeeep 8. Mekal - lynched and found to be the [Goth] 9. Phaze- suspended by the Hooligans 10. Amberrock - lynched and found to be the [Vandal] 11. Kathleen 12. Reaymanator - suspended by the Hooligans 13. andromeda 14. Social Darwin - suspended by the Hooligans 15. Rai
  19. RPG down but we still might have the edge. As Dan said it's down to 5 students and I sincerely hope the Queen bees have not yet succeeded in infatuating those of us who are alive. Looking at the night post, could it be that the Hooligans targeted the Queen bee and she randomly redirected the suspension to RPG? I guess it's possible but only the Hooligans can know that.
  20. Slight clarification: I am not 100% sure about JS. He could only be only 1 baddie role if he's a baddie. His chances of being a baddie are low, that's why I said we shouldn't lynch him.
  21. Oh! I think I know about JS. Not sure about SG though, just a guess.
  22. Adding my vote and fixing colors. 1) Kat - voting for Joe's Student 2) Akaslickster 3) Scsw - DEAD Killed by: Prisoners 4) Limey voting for RainThinker 5) RainThinker 6) Abhisk - voting for Kat 7) GMaster479 - voting for crazypainter 8) underground_dan 9) woon 10) crazypainter - voting for SG 11) SG - voting for Woon 12) Marth - Voting for Slick 13) GC - voting for SG 14) JS EDIT: I know I will regret my vote-change later.
  23. Actually Kat, I think you have confused yourselves with JS and SG. I was claiming 2 different things, not one. So in other words, I wasn't contradicting myself.
  24. I think SG was talking about Ultimate Marvel Mafia co-hosted by Bb and IDNE. The baddies tried to frame Limey in a similar way. Incidentally, SG was the baddie part of that alliance.
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