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  1. Not taking anything away from the Achaean victory, only Hermes decided to make the game more interesting for himself. And I am not complaining about that as it did make the game more interesting. Predicting that would have been difficult, but we could have provided protection to Imp knowing that Odysseus has been freed. We missed a trick there and yeah as PT said that was the turning point, the game changed course entirely.
  2. No deaths for a complete cycle! Well we just have to wait for another night.
  3. Corrected the colors: 1 - andromeda - voting for Reaymond 2 - Voltage - voting for Reaymond 3 - Jarze - Voting for IDNE 4 - Prof. T - voting for IDNE 5 - IDoNotExist- Voting for Reaymond 6 - twin_bro - Voting for A.I. 7 - Star Tiger - voting for IDNE 8 - Crazy Painter - voting for Star Tiger 9 - Renan - voting for Star Tiger 10 - Riranor 11 - Randro 12 - Grey Cells - voting for IDNE 13 - Impervious - voting for Star Tiger 14 - A.I. - voting for Reaymond 15 - R.M.Z 16 - Reaymanator - voting for IDNE 17 - SG - voting for Riranor 18 - Izzy - voting for BrandonB 19 - Zerep -
  4. Okay, you have pretty much outed yourself here. Could be dangerous, guys change your vote from Reay, it's risky lynching an unknown factor when he's making such a strong claim. I am going to stick with IDNE for now. And if any of you don't get it, leave it at that. We don't need unnecessary role outings and killings. EDITed
  5. I don't know about that. But I will let you off the hook today. I think I am making the right decision! Let's go for out next day 1 target guys. Sorry IDNE. EDITed
  6. Well, going on to the next target. Sorry IDNE, but it's the first day. And I cannot vote for Reay or ST, seeing the depth of their defense. New Vote: 1 - andromeda - voting for Reaymond 2 - Voltage - voting for Reaymond 3 - Jarze - Voting for IDNE 4 - Prof. T - voting for Reaymond 5 - IDoNotExist- Voting for Reaymond 6 - twin_bro - Voting for A.I. 7 - Star Tiger - voting for IDNE 8 - Crazy Painter - voting for Star Tiger 9 - Renan - voting for Star Tiger 10 - Riranor 11 - Randro 12 - Grey Cells - voting for IDNE 13 - Impervious - voting for Star Tiger 14 - A.I. - voting for
  7. Looks like ST is not an agent, good for you ST. But there are still quite a few baddie roles left for you to claim. Reay, I have played with you a lot! So it's reasonable of you to ask my help in saving you. But really, you have to put up a proper defense by yourself, you know that. It's not proper to ask any of us other Mafia veterans to support you. There was once a suggestion for a Lawyer role(I think Bb suggested that) to help out targets on the first day of the lynch, there being no information to go on and such. Unfortunately that wasn't implemented and hence I am not a lawyer. And ST
  8. grey cells

    Who? Sachin? If you mean him, he looks like a child but his achievements are those of a giant. Missed out on the first ever double century in ODI's due to a muscular cramp.
  9. Well ST your defense sounds solid so far. Excepting the situation in which Johnson receives his Spy ID, i.e. before or after the night ends, your defense is sound. Hosts: Are the spies given the ID's before the night is over? The answer may settle the issue. Until then I will keep my vote for you. And BTW if a player is firewalled, he/she cannot be found. That was the we played last game.
  10. If only we hadn't been complacent with saving Hades ... But I thoroughly enjoyed playing as a monster. Well played Achaeans and Odysseus. And the secret abilities of the Achaeans gave a slight edge to you guys. Another great game Itachi! If there's Battle for Mount O - III, I am in. And oh, I enjoyed pestering you with several questions.
  11. And sorry LIS, but that turncoat Hermes said you were an Achaean and in all probability you were(we didn't accept AI's advice on face value , we checked out his possible roles).
  12. Sorry dawh, but we thought you were an Achaean/ally trying to gain your BTSC group's attention by pointing out the obvious fact that I was Cerberus. We also took into consideration that you could be Hermes or Perseus, but didn't see that as a major loss as we had already made a plea for Theseus. Of course, I thought you were a better choice for the daily plea. No offense, TB, but Perseus doesn't give away his ID when his attack fails and also gains an ID. So we didn't want you to be recruited by the Achaeans later, in case you were Perseus.
  13. Putting my vote in for ST for now. 1 - andromeda 2 - Voltage 3 - Jarze 4 - Prof. T 5 - IDoNotExist- voting for A.I. 6 - twin_bro 7 - Star Tiger 8 - Crazy Painter 9 - Renan 10 - Riranor 11 - Randro 12 - Grey Cells - voting for Star Tiger 13 - Impervious - voting for A.I. 14 - A.I. 15 - R.M.Z 16 - Reaymanator 17 - SG - voting for Riranor 18 - Izzy 19 - Zerep 20 - CyberSpace17 21 - itachi 22 - Brandonb Hosts: Can the agents attack one of their own? EDIT: Is Thompson's diversion mentioned in the night post?
  14. ST may not be that innocent. Don't you think, Morpheus saving ST was just a tad too convenient, for the agents, that is? Maybe Thompson is involved? Either the agents want to prove that ST is not an agent(if she's in fact the agent) or want to direct suspicion to ST by conveniently saving her.
  15. Yeah! the Achaean secret abilities did us in. Yeah Parley! Take us to Bb! Parley is a piratey term, isn't it?
  16. I was ready to suggest it as soon as the night ended, but didn't want to be the one to do it. You know, I thought we could rope in Hermes today and prevent him from being recruited by the Achaeans and persuade him to support the weaker side by helping us travel in the nights, etc.. But yeah, we know when we are defeated. I too am ready to call it a game.
  17. The only possible way we can give a semblance of a fight is to find out how we can prevent Nestor from blocking us. TB will be powerless tonight and will be in Tartarus. If Bb knows that he will go for TB or otherwise he will want SG2 or me in tartarus, which he will ensure through Hermes.
  18. Itachi, after the game's over, can all players view both the BTSC forums? I personally would love to enjoy comparing each nights actions. Should be fun.
  19. As expected, sorry Imp2! What could stop Nestor? I am out of answers for now. Maybe we should sleep over that problem, I often get breakthroughs that way.
  20. That's true. And if that happens, we would have lost the game with only 2 of us remaining. Bb has that in mind, that's why he is not targeting me right now.
  21. Yeah! But he's gunning for either you or TB. It could be TB, if it's TB it's best for us.
  22. I can see no other way of overcoming Nestor, unless TB targets and kills Nestor. And that isn't going to happen. Itachi, if there are no changes within the next few minutes, you can take this to be our final list.
  23. Cerberus: Attack Riranor Move: Can I opt to stay on the surface? Argus: twiddle his thumbs Move: 3 steps to ixion Theseus: Attack AI Move: To surface Medusa: Cannot act Move: nada I am going along with my guess that Nestor will send his target to the opposite side of the river, which the target chooses. And Bb would have already guesses TB's attacks, so as they are already nullified, wouldn't it be safer sending TB to the surface? If Bb targets TB, he will escape. But if Bb targets Imp, we cannot do nothing about that. So guys, do you agree to these moves? If you have any ot
  24. Guys can we send TB up to the surface? Anyways he cannot kill anyone, so what do you say? And it looks like Bb's aiming for Imp.
  25. Okay, does Nestor's secret ability have to do with something like: If I move down he sends me back, but if I decide to stay on the surface, I can enter Tartarus?
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