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  1. Thanks for stepping up Hades! They don't know your after-life secret ability now, do they?
  2. Good to see us back in action. And thanks Imp for coming back from death. But SG weren't you targeting Bb, with PT? Won't your last night's attack on CP go in vain if Riranor(Nestor) helps CP?
  3. Thanks Imp! I am off now.
  4. Sorry to see that nobody has posted their moves yet, except SG's suggestion and TB. Thanks for taking the initiative Imp! I just logged in to check the night post before starting for college. Imp, a suggestion: If you can use Persephone's secret ability(Siren) on Nestor. He shouldn't use his power to revive CP tonight and possibly Charon should deny passage to CP, I doubt Hermes can be stopped.
  5. grey cells

    But not all lawyers go to hell, do they?
  6. I hope the game goes on Itachi. It's been great fun playing so far and as I am going to be on the winning side I would not like the game to come to an end at this stage. I am sure AI made that comment to annoy us, but be assured Hermes we are not. But really I think he just wants to be in a BTSC group and is thinking that he's missing out on all the action.
  7. Waiting for the third and final strike......if you can.
  8. Yeah! The previous plan I had posted was shredded by the use of Calchus' secret ability. I agree with Medusa targeting A.I., but is it possible? If it is, it's an absolute must. He will be doing just that. But no saving me tonight, even if I die, one of you will inherit the killing ability. But I hope I go down fighting and killing someone. But if CP has to die, Nestor(Riranor) has to be nullified. Who's going to do that? If PT gets either Siren or Medusa's ability he could do that, I guess. And yeah, I guess CP has to be denied access to the surface by Charon, as there's a chance sh
  9. Well, totally unexpected! Just as well, I guess.
  10. grey cells

    Confirmed. And welcome to the world of mafia guys! 1 - Andromeda - 2 - Voltage-(Confirmed) 3 - Jarze 4 - RainThinker-(Confirmed) 5 - IDoNotExist 6 - Joe's Student 7 - Star Tiger-(Confirmed) 8 - Crazy Painter 9 - Renan-(Confirmed) 10 - Rirano 11 - Randro 12 - Grey Cells - (Confirmed) 13 - MagicLuver101 14 - A.I. 15 - R.M.Z-(Confirmed) 16 - Reaymanator-(Confirmed) 17 - SG-(Confirmed) 18 - Izzy-(Confirmed) 19 - Zerep-(Confirmed) 20 - CyberSpace17-(Confirmed) 21 - 22 -
  11. Itachi, let the game continue please! We have not given up, it's just a bit unfortunate that a few players on our side have been unable to participate actively due to real life situations, I think. EDIT: Last night didn't go exactly as planned for the Achaeans, we maybe able to do that again.
  12. Hey! No way. We are not giving up just yet. Guys, I have a feeling I am going down tonight. I could go up to the surface but that would make us waste a kill again. We should hope that CP gets the negative 50% tonight. So we should prevent Nestor from telling her a story, that means nullifying his action. Bb could guess that action, but only if Medusa tries to freeze Riranor. Hopefully if Prof.T gets Medusa's role or Siren, we could use it on Nestor, as Odysseus wouldn't guess that. But if not I guess SG should target him. And I am going to attack Nestor tonight, better a certain kill th
  13. Your nonchalant manner doesn't bother us. Whatever happens, even if the sacrifice doesn't go as planned, you are all going down. You know where...
  14. The absence of the Minotaur in the night posts after you died would be enough. Bb wouldn't have missed that.
  15. Just in case, if Itachi replies that Odysseus can sacrifice anybody instead of himself(he will most probably choose Calchus(Kat)) we should change our votes to ST who is Athena. I for one may not be available to see Itachi's answer and hence will not be able to change my vote. I suggest whomsoever is active then, should change all our votes to ST, i.e. powerplay the whole team. This, of course, is if Odysseus cannot be sacrificed and doesn't lose his powers.
  16. Let's see off the day first. Those Achaeans are unpredictable, Athena has a secret ability(similar to Apollo's ability last game?). But it may be too late for her to cut short the day.
  17. Tonight our luck's going to change. If we had Hades we would be in a great position, but even now we have the upper hand. We just need to make the right moves. EDIT: Typo
  18. The Achaeans know the following Monster ID's: TB->Theseus Persephone->PT?? GC->Cerberus RMZ->Minotaur?? Imp->Hades
  19. Itachi: In relation to the above question, will Odysseus himself be sacrificed or will it be an Achaean he chooses?
  20. I don't know. But AI has to be Hermes, as we have accounted for all the monsters and the other independents. The 5 living Achaeans(Bb, CP, Kat, ST and Rir) posted successively on topic to free Odysseus. That leaves AI to be Hermes.
  21. JS is very active during games, something should be holding him up. So I am voting on behalf of him, for now. 1) SomeGuy [Monster] - Voting for Bb 2) Impervious [Olympian] -DEAD 3) LIS - DEAD 4) GC [Monster]- voting for Bb 5) Prof. T 6) dawh -DEAD 7) Kat [Human] 8) Bb - voting for Prof. T 9) RMZ -DEAD 10) ST 11) Artificial I 12) Riranor 13) JS - voting for Bb 14) Randro 15) twin bro - voting for Bb 16) IDNE 17) crazypainter
  22. I am sure JS has been put on hold due to some important matter. He is usually very active during games. As it's Athena's day, I will put in JS' vote now. Making sure we have a majority.
  23. 1) SomeGuy [Monster] - Voting for Star Tiger 2) Impervious [Olympian] -DEAD 3) LIS - DEAD 4) GC [Monster] - voting for Bb 5) Prof. T 6) dawh -DEAD 7) Kat [Human] 8) Bb - voting for Prof. T 9) RMZ -DEAD 10) ST 11) Artificial I 12) Riranor 13) JS 14) Randro 15) twin bro - Voting for Star Tiger 16) IDNE 17) crazypainter
  24. If CP has to have any chance of dying(from SG's attack), we must prevent Riranor(Nestor) from telling a story to CP. Charon must deny passage to CP. And all of these may be spoiled by Odysseus' guesses. In addition, he will nullify Persephone's save. I am changing my vote to Bb now, in case I do not come on later
  25. Just a thought but shouldn't we sacrifice Bb? With his guesses, he will nullify the save of Persephone and probably I may lose my last head. We will also prevent his kill tonight. If Bb's not there, we can always freeze ST by using Medusa's ability. Itachi: If Odysseus is sacrificed, will he be able to guess? Will he be able to kill?
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