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  1. Thanks CP! Was it GM or SG?
  2. Actually voting for SG wouldn't be a bad idea.
  3. That's not fair! Reason first, vote next. And BTW I really like my role. EDIT: And I think voting for JS isn't a good idea.
  4. Well, we sure needed some luck here. This could be the turning point, I can already smell victory for the students. Hope I have not spoken too soon. And Amber voting for Peace doesn't mean Peace isn't a hooligan. This is one of the most often used tactics in Mafia games; voting for a fellow baddie hoping to clear their name when the time comes. But the reverse can also be true; since A is a baddie and voted for B, B is not a baddie. This is what most baddies aim at. On the other hand, Peace can also be a goodie or Queen Bee. With all due respect to the remaining Hooligans, I think their
  5. Thanks Limey! Seems like you want your sis really killed. jk. Was still groggy from sleep when I was about to vote. I have a feeling that I am going to regret not persuading you guys to vote for Kat later in the game. Anyways this will not be the first time.
  6. Thanks for reminding me. I was hoping to read Chetan Bhagat's 3 books. Everybody's saying they are very much worth reading. Especially "One night @ the call centre".

  7. So how do you like Eldest? Wondering about the title?

  8. Okay, I was thinking that the balance of the game is shifting ever so slightly. Till last night the Hooligans had the edge with 3 of them alive. Now the students may have the edge but what about the Queen Bees? All 3 of them are alive. That worries me. Have we been concentrating so hard on the Hooligans, that they have slipped under the radar? 11 alive; 6 students, 2 hooligans and 3 Queen bee and Co. If they have already managed to infatuate 3 or more, we may be in big trouble. Since there are still 6 or 7 males still left to infatuate. Question: Sorry if it's already been asked but
  9. Thanks scsw! Will take care to put my vote in before sleeping from next time.
  10. Although SG could be a baddie(no proof of that whatsoever), so many votes for him so early makes the voters suspicious. I am putting in my vote for Kat. I must say I have almost never regretted voting for Kat. 1) Kat - voting for Someguy 2) Akaslickster 3) Scsw - DEAD Killed by: Prisoners 4) Limey voting for SG 5) RainThinker 6) Abhisk 7) GMaster479 voting for crazypainter 8) underground_dan 9) woon 10) crazypainter voting for SG 11) SG - voting for Woon 12) Marth - Voting for Slick 13) GC 14) JS
  11. Good job guys! Things are surely looking up for the students. Sorry I couldn't put my vote in, I overslept. So Amber's the Vandal and Abhisk, Dan, Eeeeep, RPG and Andro are cleared of the Rich Kid tag. That leaves Clozo, Peace, Kat, Magic and me for the Rich kid role. SD knew something about me which made him put me down under the goodies' list very early in the game. So tomorrow's targets are clear for us. Most of them inactives and Kat who has just joined the game. Kat, not like the Mafia in which you replaced Ravi(I think) and got lynched immediately, I hope.
  12. Retracting my vote for now. I myself have no idea whom to vote for at this point. Waiting for better suited roles to take the lead. Class Roster: 1. Clozobozo 2. Abhisk 3. Peace! 4. underground_dan 5. Limey- lynched and found to be the [Class President] 6. RPGBully 7. Eeeeep - voting for Magic 8. Mekal - lynched and found to be the [Goth] 9. Phaze- suspended by the Hooligans 10. Amberrock 11. Blue of thout- Needs a replacement 12. Reaymanator - suspended by the Hooligans 13. andromeda - voting for peace 14. Social Darwin - suspended by the Hooligans 15. RainThinker 16. Prof
  13. I think you are hinting about a role here. So I am going to retract my vote for now as I think that role is still alive. Not sure yet but giving you the benefit of doubt.
  14. Andro, I have suspected you from the start. And your name appearing on SD's suspicious list doesn't help your case any. Your name was mentioned in the first night post and third night post. I think you haven't explained it yet. Because the Vandal apparently didn't write those lines, his messages are separate. In addition you were considered to be a threat to the hooligans, so they bullied you but they didn't try to suspend you? And you were included in the Vandal's message the same night(Wonder why the others didn't question you on this, I myself just noticed it.) So you have been in the
  15. Eeeep, I don't think suspending an inactive player who has been put down for replacement is a good idea. Her posts were suspicious, yes; she could be a hooligan or a queen bee or even a student acting like a newbie. Moreover, suspending a player without giving her a chance for defending herself isn't fair. Lynching an inactive more often than not results in an innocent lynch. And CPB you know better than that. Yes, it's tempting to lynch an inactive player but you know the outcome of such lynches. The lynched candidate is mostly innocent. And I don't think Peace appeared suspici
  16. Hehe. I didn't say it was boring to death. I was bored at only some points and I still liked the book.:P

  17. And don't ask me why I still have Brisingr! :P

  18. Hi CPB!:D Don't want to dampen your interest in Eldest, but I didn't find it so interesting. I sort of liked the first book. I dunno but somehow I found Book 2 a bit boring. But if one has nothing else to read, it's an okay read. Mind you it's just my opinion. :P

  19. Darn! Sorry to see you go JS. The hooligans plan of action is clear: suspend the most active players first. And they have succeeded so far. Can't help but think you took a big risk tonight JS.
  20. grey cells

    Good to see you back CP! But what's with that question? Anyways I am extremely unhappy with my role. Just kidding, of course.
  21. grey cells

    Thanks Slick! Thought I had missed the ship. My comp's back to normal and as a result so is life.
  22. Well, there goes another day. One more point to inactivity maybe or a slim chance of the VP being one of the suspended. But as Dan suggested, why didn't Limey save himself? Doesn't really matter now but: Can the President RID himself and prevent the lynch?
  23. Obviously the drum major is dead and we know who. That's more bad news and on top of that we lose another active innocent. Putting in my vote now, my comp will be ok by tomorrow. So today I am voting with JS. 1. Clozobozo - voting for Amberrock 3. Peace! 4. underground_dan 5. Limey 6. RPGBully 7. Eeeeep 8. Mekal - lynched and found to be the [Goth] 9. Phaze- suspended by the Hooligans 10. Amberrock - voting for Clozobozo 11. Blue of thout- Needs a replacement 12. Reaymanator - suspended by the Hooligans 13. andromeda 14. Social Darwin - suspended by the Hooligans 15. RainThink
  24. Sorry guys, I won't be very much active tomorrow. my comp's down. Will put in my vote though and manage to squeeze in another post or 2.
  25. The lynch result was as expected. But great playing PT, considering the fact that you must have deduced that JS was 100% right about you.
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