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  1. It's time we ended this. We have only one way of knowing if PT is a hooligan or not, lynch him. I am leaning towards him being a Hooligan and hence trusting JS . JS should be right. There's no way he can be wrong today; was misled by the RD's in the OP yesterday. School Administrators: Gmaster479 & scsw School Roster: 1. Clozobozo - voting for Magic_luver101 2. Abhisk - voting for Magic_luver101 3. Peace! 4. underground_dan - voting for Prof. T 5. Limey - voting for Magic_luver101 6. RPGBully voting for Prof. T 7. Eeeeep - voting for Prof. T 8. Mekal - lynched and found to
  2. Sorry SD, but I don't get this. Why should the Drum major fanfare you? For all we know you could be a Hooligan or a Queen bee. As for JS, he is a known factor. He definitely needs the protection. Drum Major, please fanfare JS. This is not an order but only a suggestion. You must know how neccessary this is. All the others are unknown quantities. SD, the only reason you could want to divert the fanfare from JS, would be to successfully target him. Even if that's not the case, that's how it sounds.
  3. That was definitely not good. So yeah, we have 3 roles to nullify the Queen's RID. The Drum Major should be active but at least one of the other could be in detention. EDIT: Sorry couldn't put in my vote. Had internet connectivity problems, solved now.
  4. I don't know about that. On night 1 the Snitch was mentioned, so I assumed the Snitch didn't act last night as he wasn't mentioned anywhere in the night post. Question to hosts: What happens in these situations? The Queen Bee successfully RID's a player and infatuates him. On the same night the Smart Blonde cures the same player. Will this infatuation be counted as 1 out of 8 for the Queen Bee? The Queen Bee successfully RID's a player and infatuates him. On the same night the School genius correctly guesses that Queen Bee RID's Player X. Will the RID be blocked? Or i
  5. I am inclined to believe you are right, JS. But I still cannot understand how you can be 100% sure. I have gone through your possible actions again and again, but I simply don't see it. I have to be seriously missing something here. I will put in my vote for PT if I have no other choice, but I am not voting now due to the timezone thing. I may not be on later to change it later. Sorry but I need to be absolutely sure. EDIT: If yesterday's was a whipping,what do you call Ireland's loss to New Zealand today?
  6. Hi! Been a long time since I have seen you play. So welcome back. ;)

  7. I have to really say this even if I am supporting the Prof. here who might be a Hooligan. First of all the Hooligans couldn't have thought the Prof. to be a threat, in fact he is an asset to them. So why waste a suspension on PT? He is the prime target for the next days' lynch. To make things interesting, let's have a different view of things: Let's assume that PT is not a Bully. 1. Bully blocks PT. 2. Snitch doesn't act. 3. Vandal's message. 4. Suspend JS. Looking at these moves differently, we can also say that looks like a frame-up job. Seeing that JS is accusing PT, the Hooligans
  8. At this point I am very much inclined to believe JS' innocence. His accusation that PT is a Hooligan may be true but I am sorry if I have missed something. As far as I can see, there is no way JS could know for a fact that PT is the Snitch or even a Hooligan. And SD after stating that he almost knew your role(same here), also voted for PT saying that he too knew PT to be a Hooligan. Please enlighten me on this. Because I have a feeling that otherwise this could be another one of those classic goodie Vs. goodie accusations. I hope you guys have not reached the conclusion that PT is the Snitch,
  9. grey cells

    I don't like this one bit. Can the media please stop it's entertainment show till the World Cup ends? Specifically the Indian Media. Dhoni and Viru may have issues based on seniority or whatever. The media have conveyed that to us and that's that.Why are they seeing the entertainment angle in every damn thing?
  10. I agree that only Mekal's block makes some sense so far. And yeah the first day's always difficult with the lack of information. That is why we need more posts from all the players, those posts may show us with some minor discrepancies, i.e. info. It's up to us to make the first day interesting. And now I am really sleepy. I am putting in my vote for Mekal. Sorry but I have waited long enough I think. :sleep: School Administrators: Gmaster479 and scsw 1. Clozobozo 2. Abhisk - voting for Amberrock 3. Peace! 4. underground_dan - voting for Abhisk 5. Limey - voting for Marth 6.
  11. Yeah! Nothing remotely solid so far. And I suspect it is due to the inactivity...so far. Please guys, try to get in at least one useful post with a vote each day(once in 24 hrs.). Only 5 odd hours left in the day which makes the chances of rightly choosing a candidate for the lynch lesser by the minute. EDIT: Will check back in a couple of hours. Let's get the discussion going.
  12. Sorry! Missed that. But isn't the Vandal's message shown to be written by the Vandal himself? Or is it inserted into the night post? ( Hosts clarification please). That's generally the case, right?
  13. Nothing much learned from the night posts based on which we can choose who to vote for. Reay was most probably not one of the Bullies' group. There's a very slight chance he could have been one of the Bullies', but I doubt it. Questions: Are the Queen Bee's RID targets included in the night post? Only the success of the RID attempt will not be mentioned, right? Or is the Queen never mentioned in the night post? And if the Queen successfully RID's on night one, can she divert the actions on herself to that RID'ed individual on the same night, i.e. on night one itself? EDIT: And yeah! I w
  14. grey cells

    I didn't try to understand the mathematical part. And I don't think that knowledge was really needed. And I also attacked every night with 100% magical attack, as did everyone else I think. I thought the real challenge was to choose the right NPC's(I stuck with the MW until he got fed up with me. He even said he didn't want me to visit him, he would call for me if needed. I realized the significance of AW near the end only.) And I really think the Avg. Index was the key after the first 10 days. It revealed some important things about some warriors.
  15. grey cells

    Thanks for explaining it woon. Now I know the source of Anna's power. And there's your story Reay. And a great storyline woon. From start to end.
  16. grey cells

    I think the beads helped us to improve our defense and attack. That's what I thought; more the beads, the better. I even bought one from the trade man(he only had one left, I could not buy anything else to boost my magical attack or defense )
  17. grey cells

    Yeah! Either IDNE or Reay had to be ahead of me at that stage. Thankfully I chose to stick with my magical attack.
  18. grey cells

    Yeah! woon, thanks for the great game. It was fun. Thanks Renan, but I think either IDNE or Reay could quite have easily been winners. Before Night 20, I thought IDNE was on the same level as me and Reay was just a level below me. That was the night I pulled ahead, I guess. Don't know for sure, I am basing it on the Average Index woon showed after each night. I chose who to attack based on that.
  19. grey cells

    So true! To tell the truth, I was really bored in the end stages. They should seriously think about reducing the number of matches. And what a start to the T20 world Cup 2009. Netherlands beat England!!!!! No offense, but I thought England had won it before the match started. But well done Holland. But I don't want an upset in Ind Vs. Ban. Should be a wake-up call for the top teams.
  20. I think I am just in time. Host: GMaster479 Co-Host: scsw 1. Clozobozo 2. Abhisk 3. Peace! 4. underground_dan 5. Limey 6. RPGBully 7. Eeeeep 8. Mekal 9. Phaze 10. Amberrock 11. Blue of thout 12. Reaymanator 13. andromeda 14. Social Darwin 15. Marth 16. Prof. Templeton 17.Magic_luver101(Magic) 18. JS 19. GC Replacements: 1.RainThinker
  21. grey cells

    Really well played IDNE! Sorry but Anna could only choose you to kill Reay(attacked him umpteen times without success).
  22. grey cells

    T20 World Cup starts on Jun.5 in England. Can't wait for the action to start, India being the defending champions and all that.
  23. grey cells

    Possibly I would have also been catching up, if not for an impulsive attack on Kat. Got a bit lucky there with the guess. Ah! Izzy chose that. At least one of the girls picked a female warrior.
  24. grey cells

    Well played SG! Queer! There were only 2 female warriors chosen.
  25. grey cells

    Fantasy Mafia

    'Tis too bad. But nevertheless one less to worry for you naive innocents. Don't write me off yet, there's a twist to the tale.
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