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  1. Itachi, wait for a few minutes. We will finalize our moves soon.
  2. If not anything we have managed to create an unwanted confusion. Okay, I am stuck on the surface with SG for now. Now we know why they didn't try sacrificing me. Let's move on to Plan B. TB cannot kill anyone tonight as Bb will be guessing his 2 possible kills, unless TB tries killing AI. But Bb has indicated that he will be saving AI tonight which could mean his 3rd guess is that TB will attack AI. He doesn't need to guess anything else. So in effect we don't get a kill tonight, whereas they get a definite kill. Making it 3 Vs. 4. Our only chance is preventing Nestor from blocking my
  3. Good night guys. Past 1:00 a.m. here. Itachi: Can the night go the full 24 hrs?
  4. Time to make the moves, I guess: Cerberus: Attack AI Move: 1 step down to Sisyphus' lake. Argus: Move: Theseus: Attack Bb or Riranor?? Move: Medusa: Cannot act Move:
  5. grey cells

    Not believing that! Good try though.
  6. Well I am not volunteering any information. But the fact remains unchanged: I cannot move to the surface tonight, unless you carry me.
  7. Who said I am not going to attack him even if he accepts. All is fair in love and war. EDITed
  8. grey cells

    I followed that match for the sake of the rankings. I have a feeling that SA are losing their way a bit here. Congrats to the Aussies for not letting the top spot from slipping from their hands. And any guesses to who the best ODI batting side is at the moment: India, of course. There's only one word for describing the Indian victory in New Zealand: Annihilation. In the 4th ODI, the NZ bowlers didn't know where to bowl to Viru. He batted like "Wherever you bowl, it's there to be hit to the fence. Or over the fence."
  9. That's why we needed Hades. We were a bit complacent at that stage, we never considered saving you. But the past's gone, no use crying over spilled milk. I agree SG but I think the only chance I have of killing anyone is AI. So I will stick with it for now.
  10. grey cells

    Reay! Have you been bluffing? If you are almost level 10, it can only be level 8. Agreed, it is also formidable but not that near to lvl 10.
  11. I know AI accepting is far-fetched. But Bb will be guessing that I will be targeting him and Riranor. So wouldn't it be a 0% chance of a kill? Of course, Bb might think that we will not attack Riranor as we know he will guess that and nullify that kill. And so Bb wouldn't guess that. A confusing cycle but again he doesn't have a lot of guess options, so he will probably guess me attacking him and Riranor. That would nullify my kill attempt. A 50% option is a better choice I think.
  12. Yeah! But Nestor will boost it to 100%. Every damn Achaean is a barrier right now.
  13. My becoming toast is an almost certainty, but I will try to resist as much as possible. AI does not look too decisive at the moment, so I have tried to cash in on that. Trying something won't harm us as we cannot get any worse from here. If AI accepts, Bb may have to waste a guess on Hermes carrying me to safety. At the very least I will go down fighting.
  14. Hermes: Proposal for a temporary alliance! AI here's a proposal for you. Note the stress on the word temporary? Temporary here refers to one night, not anymore or any less. You do understand then that this proposal is realistic, practical, don't you? We know you are going to be recruited tomorrow, so no reason for us to suggest otherwise. You are going to win or lose as an Achaean, no doubt about it. But you win or lose only if you are alive. The outline of our proposal is simple: You carry me to the surface tonight and we let you live. However if you want assurance from us t
  15. Oh! Is it? The alternative was far too gory to contemplate, for us that is.
  16. Sorry for getting on late. But let's get straight down to business. One of us is dying tonight, unless Bb is inactive or another miracle happens. Bb's guesses: 1. Cerberus attacks Bb 2. Cerberus attacks Riranor 3. Cerberus attacks Hermes (or) TB attacks Bb (or) TB attacks Riranor So if I have a chance of killing anyone, it's only AI(Hermes). And most probably I am going down tonight, unless the Achaeans decide to play it over-cautiously and decide to go for Imp2. We have to try something different(ditch the consequences for now) and so I am going to ask Hermes to take me u
  17. 1) SomeGuy [Monster] -DEAD 2) Impervious [Olympian] -DEAD 3) LIS - DEAD 4) GC [Monster] - voting for Kat2 5) Prof. T -DEAD 6) dawh -DEAD 7) Kat [Human] -DEAD 8) Bb - voting for SG2 9) RMZ -DEAD 10) ST -DEAD 11) Artificial I 12) Riranor 13) Impervious2 voting for - Riranor 14) SG2 voting for - Riranor 15) twin bro - voting for Riranor 16) IDNE -DEAD 17) Kat2 - voting for SG2
  18. Will change my vote to Kat2 and sleep.
  19. Unless they want to kill me off tonight. Bb can easily nullify my actions even if I am in action. They may want Medusa out of the way now. Anyways, I am too tired to think clearly anymore. Good night team! EDIT: Please powerplay my vote, if needed.
  20. grey cells

    Will the appeals ever be completed?
  21. Sorry I don't understand how. I am sleepy and it isn't helping me. Unless we are sure they are going to vote for me.
  22. Agreed on the first and maybe third. But he will definitely guess that Cerberus will attack him and Cerberus will attack Nestor. Because I have a 100% chance to kill. I think he will definitely guess these two as they cannot afford to lose an Achaean at this stage. EDIT: Unless Hermes decides to transport me to the surface. In that case Medusa will have to target Hermes or him.
  23. That should be for the vulnerable humans(sorry TB ) not for us handsome monsters. Odysseus can only kill if Apollo is dead and I did that quite early in the game.
  24. If I am not here(time zone), powerplay my vote. I think it won't be a problem as I have to be inactive. EDIT: Itachi is that okay?
  25. Yeah! A tough choice to make. I think we should send Kat2 up. I think she has just improved her chances of a kill to 100%, Nestor or not. SG could target Nestor tonight but I doubt it would be effective. Bb will guess that. And Odysseus has only 50% chance against us monsters. He can only kill TB with 100% accuracy.
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