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  1. Thanks for the word and it's meaning.:D

  2. Thanks dude.:D Yeah! I am already wasted.:P

  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes.:D And what's a chara?:P

  4. Thanks.:D Yeah! He made up a riddle, I will post it soon.:P

  5. It was an accidental gunshot that resulted in your sad demise. Will bury you in the depths of the sea.:P

  6. It was Deja Vu, except the GU is different.:P

  7. Nah! I am gonna stay inactive again.:P

  8. Phaze please have no hard feelings. As JS has pointed out, continue your mayhem.:D

  9. My eyes are seeing double, right? Last time I saw, it was 2300 odd. Congrats on the trail-blazing unreality.:D

  10. Rookie, cool! Do you do white-water rafting? Just saw the gallery, hence the question.:D

  11. Hi JS!:D Yes I like Dickens very much . I have read 4 of his novels . I loved The Pickwick Papers especially . I have not read The Bleak House yet . Have to catch up on Dickens during my next vacation . :P Thanks for letting me know about that .:D

  12. Welcome back , Bona! Good to see you back. :lol:

  13. Thanks .:D and evil Matarese is back:lol:

  14. Congrats on Sweet 2000:D

    Or is it a deadly 2000:lol:

  15. Congrats on 1000 and becoming a grand newbie.:D

    Btw , twinkles = stars:lol:

  16. Knew having the GR around was dangerous .:D

  17. Thanks :DSure MafiaII will also be fun.

  18. Thanks Brandon . And better luck next time , in Mafia.By the way , were you a mafioso or an innocent?:P Just kidding.After all rules are rules.

  19. Riddlemaster.:lol:

    Nothing more to say. Everything said and done.

  20. I completely agree with Neal .

    And thanks for adding me as your friend .

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