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  1. haha, maybe I solved the clue unconsciously or something. That's an odd coincidence.
  2. Got it in one, I think. Well done! I'll need to make the next one a bit harder, it seems. I'll leave it open to others until you post it in a spoiler, just to be sure.
  3. I am named for what I do, Friend of writer, teacher too. I can keep your ramblings straight; with chains your boredom I alleviate. If you force me to not curve, I cannot my function serve.
  4. I gotta say, these have been some top quality riddles, Shakee. How do you keep churning out such good riddles?
  5. whoops. In that case, I say refuse the offer. Assuming that the rest of the puzzle (i.e. the vehicle) is just story fluff and that the $1000 price tag of the rock is after processing, my answer remains the same. His share isn't even worth $100, let alone $200.
  6. assuming five apples in each bowl,
  7. What happened to your "I'm not a..." titles, Shakee? Those were so good! An opening guess, in any case.
  8. That's a beautiful solution.
  9. hm, I thought that was more or less the proof I had used in my answer.
  10. I hate to bring this one back up again, but what's the rationale behind #3?
  11. Holy crap, this is a top tier riddle. I'm stealing this.
  12. Yup, you both got it! I'm gonna mark Thundercloud as best answer since he was first by a couple of hours, but Aiemdao's answer is just as good and the one I had in mind (although I'm fairly sure both methods are identical).
  13. I heard this puzzle the other day; sorry if it's been posted before. You are the chief sommelier for a massive kingdom. The king wants to throw a banquet tomorrow, and as a result he's asked you to bring out all one thousand bottles of wine you have in the cellar. So you walk into the cellar when suddenly one of your assistants comes running up to you: "Boss! Boss! This is terrible! Someone's gone and put poison in the wine!" After calming him down a bit, you manage to squeeze some useful information out of him: There is exactly one bottle of poisoned wine. The poison is
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